Hello Beguiling One.

If you’ve just floated into my world, I’m Kris Oster – and I’m a marketing and branding Pleasurist {aka strategist, copywriter and mentor} and a creator of magical worlds. Your average, everyday mermaid! {wink, wink}

I want you to get all hot-and-bothered about good … marketing. The healing kind of marketing that makes you feel sexy, in-charge and reverent. The breed of brand words + images that stage revolutions of the ecstatic kind.

Being an entrepreneur requires making decisions quickly and taking inspired action immediately. But you need a PLAN.

Let’s work together over the next three months to create your most inspired, brand-aligned content AND double your income.


My 3 month program Sovereign of Your Realm has 4 more spots open and it’s the only way to work one-on-one with me until October!

Here’s a secret – summer is a perfect time to set yourself up for Fall success.

Sovereign of your Realm is your 1-1 three month intensive that will boost you ahead of all the peeps waiting for their big launch moment in September.

Why wait?! You can make a difference in your business AND in your clients’ lives NOW.

Here’s your life after we work together … you will:

  • remember how valuable you are.
  • get clear about how to spread your siren song throughout the interwebs without being pushy or “sales-y”
  • feel proud of your bank account balance.
  • see your income double and jump for joy in the cafe.
  • wake up excited about running your business.
  • get emails from clients telling you how you’ve changed their lives for the better.
  • have the extra cash for a relaxing getaway, or two, before the Fall rush begins.

We’ll track your business income week to week, so that you can stay motivated and on track.

Every month we meet twice (for an hour) to make sure you’re moving forward.
(We meet either in-person or via Skype/phone.)

You’ll have unlimited email support from me for the entire 3 months.

This is the only way to work with me 1-1 over summer, so secure your spot now.

Starts July 28 and lasts 3 months. Registration closes on July 22.

What’s included:

  • Income doubling plan (business design and marketing plan)
  • Day to day plan for putting income plan into action
  • Archetypal Brand Analysis that includes scripts for tag lines, social media, headlines, and content ideas specifically written to speak to your ideal market (5-10 page PDF)
  • 6 hours of 1-1 work via Skype, phone or in person if you live near Santa Barbara, CA.
  • unlimited email support
  • Encouragement and feedback in September and October as you continue to launch your programs + services

    $477 per month. Click the “Buy Now” button below to get all of the details and snag your spot! 6 5 4 spots left.
    Sovereign of your Realm 3 month Program