Fetching Fairytale: Tanja Gardner


Our seventh and final Fetching Fairytales for the next month is brought to you by Tanja Gardner of Crystal Clarity Copywriting. Once upon a time … there was a clarity-obsessed copywriter and Joss Whedon fangirl named Tanja. She lived in the future (well, at least by a day) in Middle Earth (aka New Zealand) and […]

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Fetching Fairytale: Demi Mermaid Priestess


Introducing another beautiful and soulful MERMAID! Here’s the sixth edition of Fetching Fairytales brought to you by Demi Mermaid Priestess. Once upon a time … there was a land-locked mermaid priestess named Demi. She lived in an enchanting fairy-tale town called Cambridge and spent her days teaching lovely women to dance and helping sensitive, spiritual […]

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Fetching Fairytale: Sama Morningstar

DSC_0019 Edit HR

Calling all Heavenly Bodies … the fifth edition of Fetching Fairytales is brought to you by Sama Morningstar. Once upon a time … there was a Creative Holistic Health and Wellness Coach named Sama Morningstar. She lived in Middletown, CA and spent her days helping other creative people to address their health and wellness challenges […]

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