Beguiling One,

I’m an author, brand strategist and marketing copywriter who inspires creative, magically-inclined entrepreneurs to tell their unique story so they can bring in more clients, customers and prosperity.

These days, I’m over-the-moon excited to be creating masterminds, rituals and courses for the entrepreneurs in my virtual group Higher Ground, and finishing two new books: one is about the Little Mermaid AFTER she meets the prince and the other is about how pleasure is the essential ingredient to finding true success on your own terms.

Are you getting the right kind of support and accountability you need to easily give your unique gifts to the world?

I want you to get all hot-and-bothered about good … marketing. The healing kind of marketing that makes you feel sexy and reverent. The breed of brand words + images that stage revolutions of the ecstatic kind.

I’m here to teach that pleasure and play are more vital to your business than knowing the latest + hottest social media platform. Or how to create Facebook ads.

Because ultimately the most important resource in your business is not your customer. And it’s not your high-calibre business coach.

YOU are the most valuable resource in your business.

Once you claim this truth, the mystical irony of it all is that you’ll stop struggling so hard.
Cash flow increases.
And, you’ll attract the clients that light you up like 10,000 fireflies.

Let’s work together :

Ready to empower yourself and become the badass entrepreneurial legend you are meant to be?

Would love for you join my nurturing and powerful virtual group, Higher Ground: Practical Magic for Mystical Entrepreneurs.

You’ll receive online individual support in our 24/7, private Facebook group, weekly mini-tarot readings, bi-weekly masterminds, quarterly writing retreats, all of my online business courses and marketing guides, and a treasure trove of meditations.

Let Higher Ground be your mystical and magical guiding light into the future *you* desire to co-create with Divine Intelligence. It’s a luscious space for savoring the erotic, the sacred and the mystical within you.

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