In those moments when you’re being too hard on yourself … or it feels like your world is crashing down … or change is happening so quickly that all of your fear triggers are popping off like mad, it’s time to refocus onto what makes you feel “sexy.”

{This is me in 2014, on my birthday, naked in a hot springs. This is what I RECLAIM as “sexy.”}

I know this is a really loaded word, but I choose to reclaim SEXY as synonymous with something good. Holy. Divine. Sacred. Healing.

Today, I offer you these 6 mantras to get your groove back and help you feel light, free and sexy again.

6 mantras for bringing the sexy back to your life and business:

  1. The more I pleasure myself, the more prosperity I create.
  2. I AM a manifesting miracle machine!
  3. My life is soaked through + through with passion, pleasure and joy.
  4. My brilliance is expanding everywhere.
  5. When I share my gifts with the world, I pleasure others deeply.
  6. I AM naturally magnetic to all that I desire.

Seduce life. Sink into your own magic. Move forward with unwavering faith.
You are always being guided and protected.

Love + pleasure,

These mantras are an excerpt from the Lover archetype meditation I am creating for my group Higher Ground: A virtual playground for pleasure seekers, meaning makers and oracle lovers.

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