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[pullquote width=”600″ float=”left”]Life itself is the proper binge.
~ Julia Child[/pullquote]

With Cupid’s holiday just around the corner, let’s dish about the Lover archetype.

“The Lover is the archetype of play and sensual pleasure. Living in the moment and tuned into her physical environment, the Lover is deeply connected to the energy of the universe—experiencing and empathizing with the world of people and things that surround her.” (“The Lover Archetype”, excerpt from Goddess Gift: Discover Your Goddess Type by Sharon Turnbull, Ph.D.,

This archetype is about more than love, lust, and the winged Cherub that is ever-present this time of year. It is also about all-consuming passion, duality, and pleasure.

Who in your life makes time stop and your moments together stretch out forever? What work, causes or activities do you lose yourself in, not noticing the passing of the hours? This is what it is like to be consumed completely.

When you are consumed with passion for something or someone, there is no boundary between you and it—you are one, in the flow, surrendered. You give yourself over in entirety.

The feeling is intoxicating. And addictive. If not careful, you can lose all sense of self.

The Lover is also the embodiment of opposing forces—heart and mind, Sun and Moon, masculine and feminine.

Each side is powerful in its right, but when combined and balanced, unify to create something that will take your breath away.

And I saved my favorite for last … pleasure!

Instead of trying to connect on the intellectual level, the Lover reaches out and receives information through the senses and the emotions they conjure.

Pleasure is the caress of the silk sheets, and the soft rose swept down small of your back. It’s the scent of musk on your lover’s sweaty skin and the faint sound of drums on the stereo.

It is also the sight of your naked lover standing like a Greek deity before you and the taste of them on your lips.

The Lover loves to give and to receive, either from others or for oneself. He is playful and uninhibited. She is compassionate, sensual, and expressive.

Together, they are one.

Examples of the Lover archetype: Aphrodite, Venus, Oshun, Ashtarte, Eros, Kama, Don Juan, Casanova.

Famous Lovers from mythology, history and fiction:

  • Romeo and Juliet.
  • Cleopatra and Mark Antony.
  • Lancelot and Guinevere.
  • Tristan and Isolde.
  • Morticia and Gomez.
  • Paris and Helena.
  • Shiva and Parvati
  • Krishna and Radha
  • Shango and Oya, and Oshun
  • Orpheus and Eurydice.
  • Jesus and Mary Magdalene
  • Aphrodite and Adonis.
  • Inanna and Dumuzi.
  • Psyche and Eros.
  • Sid and Nancy.
  • Odysseus and Penelope.

In my last post, I talked about the Visionary and Sovereign archetype.

In my group Higher Ground we came up with our visions and “I AM” statements for 2018, and this month we are focusing on how the Lover archetype plays with the Visionary.

The February themes are PASSION and COMMITMENT. We will each give our visions the passion test! If they pass we will ritually make our vows to COMMIT to seeing our visions through. It’s totally like a marriage ceremony – only with yourself!

Astrological Highlights this Month

Yod, aka Finger of God planetary + asteroid formation (Venus-Ceres-Saturn): this is a fascinating aspect that I’ve never heard of, but it punctuates this month’s calling to you for deeper self-love and more exquisite care of your body.

“… a Yod featuring Venus, Ceres and Saturn starts 2/13, peaks on 2/17 and ends on 2/20.
This ‘Finger of God’ aspect pattern could stimulate relationship dynamics that trigger old emotional wounds.This Yod could also indicate your hard work being rewarded with financial abundance!”
(article on, written by Benjamin Bernstein:

Saturn is Father Time, the taskmaster and bringer of karmic rewards and penalties. Venus is beauty, harmony, wealth and love. I’m sure you’ve read much about these two planets and perhaps haven’t heard much about the asteroid Ceres:

“Ceres is named after the Roman goddess, Ceres. The Greek goddess equivalent was Demeter. In astrology, Ceres rules food, agriculture, transitions in a female’s life, nurturing, motherhood, and family relationships. With Ceres, there is a love of what is simple, natural, and good for you. There is also a strong need to nurture and protect, as well as to treat other living beings, including animals, with respect and reverence. Ceres is also connected to grief, as well as the possibility of destroying everything in one’s path in order to regain what was lost. It might also be connected to separation and time-sharing, as Ceres in mythology had to strike a deal with Pluto who had abducted her daughter, Persephone, wherein she was to return Persephone to him for part of the year.”
(article on,

The theme of mothering and nurturing yourself during this seven day transit is jumping out at me; follow the path of self-nurturance and you’ll find yourself able to manifest more prosperity!

In Higher Ground we will work with a few healing techniques I have under my ninja-tarot belt to help clear old karmic patterns around money, family and intimate love relationships.

For your astro-tarot pleasure, I’ll be LIVE on Facebook later today with the energy reading pre-new moon solar eclipse … timing will depend on my wild schedule today, but I’m guessing it will be around 9:30 or 10am. Join me over there if you can and I will be pulling cards for everyone.

Ready to be the kind of Lover to yourself that you know you deserve?

Come Write Naked with me, this Saturday, February 17th, 10am-2pm PT. For your $67 fee you’ll also get a one month subscription to my new virtual playground for oracle lovers, meaning makers and pleasure seekers, Higher Ground. You’ll have access to my weekly energy readings in our private, members-only Facebook group, meditations and manifestation rituals focused on the archetype of the Lover.

In fact, if you sign up today, you’ll be in the group just in time to be a part of our new moon, partial solar eclipse ritual in Aquarius. The ritual takes place on Thursday, February 15 at 9:30am PT.

The eclipse is 27° Aquarius. Aquarius rules good fortune, patrons, friends, community, social networks (esp social media and the internet), humanitarianism, hopes and dreams for the future. This eclipse will give a nice jolt of electricity to these areas of your life and self-expression by activating something that you’ve held close to your heart. You can easily begin a new project or adopt a new approach or way of thinking on or near the date of this eclipse.

And, remember to give your new projects and ideas the passion test before you commit!

This eclipse’s Sabian symbol is, “A tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter.” What do we do with the wood we cut to prepare for winter? We burn it for warmth and light!

Passion married to commitment is the essential fuel for you to see projects through to completion.

Love + pleasure,


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