Need more inspired ideas? Try my free “Idea Whisperer” workbook.

Need a Muse to whisper some ideas in your ear? Enter my Idea Whisperer workbook. Inspiring + fun + actionable + concrete ideas that you dream up with a little prompting from moi. Come up with golden offerings, brand stories, manifestos, blog and newsletter topics, even Facebook posts! Download it here for FREE. Forever. (I’ll […]

Authenticity = Transparency. Working with the Mistress of Spice.

Why do you do what you do? Nevermind the “how.” The “how” will work itself out, or as I like to think of it, the Universal Cosmic Muse, is actually conspiring on your behalf. And maybe playing a few tricks on you here and there to be sure you’re truly listening. Here I am, doing […]

Just Get Started! Quickblast Online Workshops to Get you off Your Butt!

5 Fast, Fun and Useful online workshops to get your business busting, bursting, flowing n’ flourishing! All live sessions will be audio recorded, so don’t worry about missing class. Session Descriptions: 1. Branding your content: Exercises to help you get more clear on your brand and then create content that reflects it. May 29th, 2-3:30pm […]

11 women in a Goddess Temple on Wesak Full Moon, 5/5

It’s hard to write when I’m exhausted, but I must say something about my experience facilitating the 1/2 day retreat at the Goddess Temple of Orange County, Radiate Your Sexy Inner Business Goddess, yesterday. We gathered in the womb of Oxum: the dark, luxurious, comfy Oshun’s Lounge was conducive to deep exploration and the open […]

Give yourself permission to shine. A poem in honor of Walpurgisnacht 2012.

A poem in honor of Walpurgisnacht 2012 (otherwise known as Beltaine Eve) We are searching for ourselves everywhere. In each other’s words and deeds. The eye’s of the other mirror our old self. The dead self. Throw it in the fire. Tonight. Give yourself permission to shine. We can never see the unchanging one, for […]

No longer a video virgin!

Oh how I love to give advice. Don’t you? Then you realize, “wow, I haven’t been following my own advice.” Ouch! Ok, here is my first posted video of me talking about my upcoming events and offerings. It is so far from perfect, but I still want to post one video every other week. I […]

Someday you may meet a short stranger.

Today I needed some comic relief, and since I’m in memoir-writing mode the past has been flooding my mind, heart and soul. Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions has just hit the shelves and I received my copy early this morning in the mail. Yep, I was a pre-order smarty pants. Danielle is a mystic, […]

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