Is “sexy” a bad word?

Sexy means lots of different things to different people. I’ve recently learned that I need to choose my words with conviction. And, no, I don’t mean choose them carefully. Rather, choose each word with complete commitment to holding all of its meanings. I named one of my workshops, “Radiate Your Sexy Inner Business Goddess” This […]

3 Steps to Connecting With The Mystical Side of Your Business

Many of my friends have told me they noticed a shift in my language starting about 3 months ago :: It began with a creative approach to re-birthing my livelihood. I’m a Marketing Muse and Creativity Midwife. And, I believe your business/livelihood can be as exciting as any religious experience. It’s up to you. Here […]

How I learned to gracefully drop the f-bomb at I Can Do It, Ignite!

At 85 years old, Louise Hay is one hot lady. She created a self-help empire and continues to grow her brand every year. She recently opened Balboa Press to help people self-publish their self-help books. She’s brilliant, beautiful and rich. I love it! Even more evidence of her a genius was the rip-roaring success of […]

Spring Equinox and Merc Retro

Such strange bedfellows. The same day as the beginning of Mercury Retrograde (3/12), we also have a Grand Trine lighting up the sky with luck (although I’ve heard some astrologers say that a Trine can also mean places where we are a bit lazy). Sunday we moved the clocks up one hour. And in seven […]

Upcoming Event: Radiate Your Passionate Inner Business Goddess

Radiate Your Passionate Inner Business Goddess (for women) with Special Guest Movement Maven, Charlotte Cressey! Saturday, May 5, 2012. CINCO DE MAYO! LOCATION: The Goddess Temple of Orange County, Oshun’s Lounge TIME: 12:00pm-4:00pm COST: $99 per woman. Limited to 10 participants. Payment and registration must be sent to Kris in advance. PayPal and personal checks […]

A recipe for disaster…and this week’s Burning Question

[AWD_likebutton] I was warned by an astrologer. I felt it coming for a few weeks. I was pushing myself too hard and not heeding the advice given: rest, surrender and flow with the changes. And, this segues beautifully into the Burning Question of the Week posted by Danielle LaPorte. “What’s one dumb thing that you […]

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