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Magic is real. Money is sacred. Marketing is Sweet. In this month’s edition of SOULED OUT: MONTHLY MANTRA by Kris Oster, Ph.D SEXY SIREN MYSTERY SCHOOL WHAT IS PLEASURE? by Kris Oster, Ph.D PLEASURE POETRY by Ekaterina Zeyen FUNDRAISER: Las Flores Foster Home in La Cuesta, Honduras by Maria Carbonell, Sama Ayurveda THE LOVER DIVINE by Kris […]

The Sacred Marriage: Pleasure and Pain

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More than ever I’m realizing the significance of marriage and commitment. When we rise in love, we fall into an enchanted spell. We throw ourselves into the cauldron of fire to be burned over and over. Cooked. We have to submit to the fire and become the ashes we sprinkle over our vast ocean of […]

What is Pleasure?

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Pleasure is presence. You cannot be in the past or the future when you are experiencing pleasure. Looking backwards and forwards is the narcotic of an anxiety-stricken society that has forgotten its earthly roots. Cocaine, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, porn can all be addictions, but they are not to be confused with pleasures. A pleasure […]

The Lover Divine.

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In a world that is transforming so quickly, I find that we are tossed about by the wind. Even if we are not sure where we will end up, there is a Divine presence underneath it all. It’s breath blowing our sails and directing us into the unknown spaces of the Soul. Freedom seems to […]


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Deeply. This is my prayer to God. May I LOVE … deeply. May I PRAY … deeply. May I TRUST … deeply. Deeply. To penetrate the depths and the darkness without fear or courage, but rather with FAITH. Knowing deeply. To swim in the vast oceans of infinite bliss. Feeling deeply. To live in my […]

A sneak peek inside my 2016 raw + sexy universe of pleasure.

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Last January I declared 2015 to be the Year of Pleasure. (You can read my post HERE.) And I’m pleased to report that I indeed delivered PLEASURE all year round: Pleasure Yourself: Held a five day playshop to create a more provocative brand. Unbound: Created an eight week journey to turn on your business + […]

Fetching Fairytale: Pascale Kavanagh

Welcome to Summer! I feel as excited as Olaf to usher in my favorite season with a new series that will melt your heart. The first edition of Fetching Fairytales features Pascale Kavanagh. I met her a couple of years ago through my friend Alex. She is enchanting, beguiling and soooo SEXY! And she loves […]

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