On October 5, 2017 I gave my first talk and book signing in London! It was so exciting and I felt heard and received by the warm and enthusiastic audience.

One young gentleman from the audience really stood out to me. He was gregarious, sweet and fun. I could tell he had that special spark that makes for a successful entrepreneur! Afterwards, we stayed in touch via email and Instagram.

His name is Geoff and I asked him to write his own entrepreneurial fairytale to share with you.

“I really admire that you are very true to yourself and what you believe in. You are never afraid to talk about the sensual and sexual stuff. That is indeed part of human life come to think about it.

The story that came to my mind was Cupid and Psyche. I remembered that story because I learned about it in school when I was in Grade 6 (twelve years old). I loved both characters.

I liked when you talked about Tricksters and Shapeshifters and yes, sometimes we do portray a certain character and we wear different masks.

Overall, I love the book and thank you for creating such an amazing book that can help me as well.”

Geoff’s Entrepreneurial Fairytale

I’m writing my own entrepreneurial legend inspired by Kris Oster’s branding book, Return to Enchantment: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Livelihood.

Once upon a time there was a fun, happy, optimistic and passionate (yet sometimes misunderstood) special individual named Geoff.

He lived in London and spent his days helping amazing people by advising them or giving them insights and inspiration in order to make their decisions. He spent his spare hours reading motivational books, hanging out with friends, giving advice to friends, and watching beauty pageants.

One day, he was faced with the dilemma to decide what he wanted to do in life. His dream was to pursue his passion for blogging and vlogging, which was something that he procrastinated doing for years and years because of uncertainty.

Instead of allowing this perilous situation to defeat him, he came up with an idea to seek advice from the Universe and prayed to God for direction and answers. He decided to turn things around and realized that he had to challenge himself by fulfilling his passion and calling to help others through the power of blogging and vlogging. It was his dream to reach out to people. He took the time to learn the ropes and took inspiration and advice from special people who were masters in blogging and vlogging.

His “happily ever after” moment came when his friends and acquaintances saw the potential of his blog and vlogs. They saw them as a very useful source of information, inspiration and entertainment that they enjoyed reading or watching. He received heartfelt feedback such as he “should have been doing this a long time ago,” and he has “the power to influence and motivate others with the blogs and vlogs.” He makes people feel that they are with him as he’s very personable and for this reason, he will continuously be successful. He will reach out to more people who will enjoy and support his vlogs and blogs. This is his ticket to success.


To connect with my brilliant, blogging friend Geoff, use the links below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/globetrotter_g_blogger/

Website/Blog: http://globetrotterg.com

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