Let’s leave behind reactive modes of relating – especially in relation to the very stressful world we live in now.

Let’s take time to slow down – reflection needs to occur before we move forward into making decisions and taking action.

We must balance between our feminine and masculine energies. It starts within each of us and then drips out to those we are in relationship with.

Over the past year and a half, I created a space for you and me … for all of us to share in and it’s called Higher Ground. It started as a small seed in October of 2016 and now it is a strong seedling waiting to grow into a STRONG, tall tree. We are its fruit.

Higher Ground is a virtual playground for pleasure seekers, meaning makers and oracle lovers that will bring you into a space of MORE …
Profound Faith.
Inner Knowing.
Spiritual Exploration.
Divine Guidance.

And Higher Ground is a place for savouring the erotic, the sacred and the mystical within you.

We spend our energy resisting pleasure as if it is dangerous. Maybe because we feel unworthy. Whatever the reason, it’s time to face that pleasure is a vital element to cultivate in our lives.

Without pleasure, there is no LIFE or growth.

Higher Ground is a reverent space, dripping with pleasure.

Let us move slow like honey. Let us go deep like mermaids. Let us dance wild like maenads.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

― Eleanor Roosevelt


I created this HIGHER GROUND subscription program as a way to consistently and lovingly assist you to take the reins of your life. We can’t control other people or outside circumstances and events. However, we can use our own intuitive power to see into what’s coming. This is the graceful and easy way to follow your true soul’s path.

Tarot, astrology and mythology are useful tools to weave together the themes that life events call forth into your consciousness. Through HIGHER GROUND you will step into magic and become the Alchemist of your own future.

The Magician integrates all aspects of Self into a harmonious whole. One concept that I heard from David Tresemer, that has stuck with me, is “organize your allies.” These allies not only come from other humans, animals or even the spiritual elementals, but also from the oracles.

Etymology of oracle: late 14c., “a message from a god, expressed by divine inspiration,” from Old French oracle “temple, house of prayer; oracle” (12c.) and directly from Latin oraculum “divine announcement, oracle; place where oracles are given,” from orare “pray, plead” (see orator), with material instrumental suffix -culo-. In antiquity, “the agency or medium of a god,” also “the place where such divine utterances were given.” This sense is attested in English from c. 1400.

And, oracles are ARCHETYPAL.

To find deeper meaning in your life and work is the greatest treasure you can hold. To make meaning be your life and work, that is poetry.

I look forward to being a part of your deep, soulful life and work!

Would you like a sneak peek, behind the curtain of Higher Ground? Check out the video below


There are three flavors of Higher Ground to choose from depending on your desires.

All subscription options can be paid in local currencies: right now I’ve programmed in US, UK, EU, CAD and AUS is on the way soon. All prices shown below are in US dollars. Links to the pages to purchase in your currency are shown after the descriptions of the three flavors.

(Please send me a message if I didn’t include your currency and I will add it.)

Cherries + Chocolate

Sweet. Tart. Ready for adventure.
$47/month, $447/year (save $117):

  • 24/7 Facebook Group where we gather to get love, magic, feedback and support.
  • Weekly Facebook LIVE Energy Reading
  • Monthly Archetype and Tarot Practice & Lecture, Video Recorded.
  • Quarterly Meditation to Explore the Archetypes
  • Quarterly Ritual + Altar to Embody the Archetypes
  • Beta review versions of my sexy, upcoming books, Unbound + The Little Mermaid: Erotica Edition, plus pdf of Return to Enchantment: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Livelihood
  • Business, Brand and Marketing Guides + Mini-Courses
  • Weekly Check In, Accountability Email
  • 40% discount on all available readings on http://www.mythicrhythm.com

Figs + Honey

Abundant. Exotic. A bit more … “experienced.”
$67/month, $729/year (save $75)
Includes all the goodness you get in Cherries + Chocolate, plus:

  • Live Monthly Q&A Over Zoom Video Conferencing; We’ll explore the Archetype of the month. (First gathering will take place on Monday, January 8, 2018 at 9:30am PT)
  • Write Naked Monthly Virtual Retreat (value of $67 per month)
  • Juicy: 30 Ways to Create Mouth-Watering Marketing (30 day online course, begins March 19th; value of $97)
  • Pleasure Principle in Business, Beauty, Wealth + Love (14 day online course, begins April 30th; value of $77)
  • Gift a Friend: I send your chosen friend a gift certificate for one month free of Higher Ground, Cherries + Chocolate. A beautiful surprise for that someone special in your life! If they decide to sign up for a subscription during or after their free month, you will receive one month free too! (Allowed 1 gift certificate per year.)

Strawberries + Champagne

Incandescent. Indulgent. Irrepressible.
$97/month, $979/year (save $185)
Includes all the goodness you get in Cherries + Chocolate and Figs + Honey, plus:

  • 30 Minute One-on-One Tarot Coaching Session each month
  • 4 Snail Mail Care Packages (1 per quarter, First packages sent on February 1, 2018). Includes my favorite tarot or oracle cards … and other curated goodies such as hand lotions, crystals and herbal teas. The contents will vary each quarter.
  • Gift a Friend: I send your chosen friend a gift certificate for one month free of Higher Ground, Cherries + Chocolate. A beautiful surprise for that someone special in your life! If they decide to sign up for a subscription during or after their free month, you will receive one month free too! (Allowed 3 gift certificates per year.)

Why join Higher Ground?

Begin to thrive through feeling more pleasure in your life, relationships and business.

Become more familiar with the landscape of archetypes and doing tarot/oracle readings for yourself and others.

Gain confidence in your own intuitive/psychic abilities

Connect deeply with your guides and trust the guidance that comes through

Work with ritual to embody who you are becoming

Empower your voice; ask for what you need and desire without fear and speak your truth

Touch into your rawness and vulnerability

What you’ll learn each month and quarter in Higher Ground

12 tarot practices & lectures

  • 4 based on Queens/Kings of tarot: Pentacles (Golden Abundance + Wild Success), Cups (Incredible Intuition + Love Magic), Wands (Fiery Sensuality/Sexuality + Passionate Adventure), Swords (Deep Wisdom + Clear Communication)
  • 2 based on using 10’s and Aces as markers for career and soul growth.
  • 2 focusing on card layouts, being creative with your own readings.
  • 4 focusing on Lover’s and Divine Partnership (Isis/Osiris, Ariadne/Dionysus, Psyche/Eros, Shiva/Paravati)

2018 Schedule Archetypal Explorations

January: Sovereign, King, Queen
February: Lover
March: Magician, High Priestess
April: Fool, Trickster
May: Mother, Sacred Feminine
June: Father, Sacred Masculine
July: Shapeshifter
August: Star
September: Mentor
October: Shadow
November: Sage, Crone
December: Angel


Gift Certificates Available.

Changing Flavors (aka Upgrades and Downgrades):
Monthly subscribers may upgrade or downgrade flavors at the beginning of their monthly payment cycle. Simply email me and I will take care of it.

Annual subscribers may upgrade or downgrade flavors at the beginning of each month. Simply email me and I will take care of it. A partial prorated refund or additional fee will apply.

If you are having financial difficulties at any time, payment plans are available. Please just ask me!

Although I never want you to leave, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Refunds are not given for monthly subscriptions.

For annual subscriptions, refunds are prorated for length of time of your active subscription.

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