I want you to know what’s turning me on and inspiring my life and work lately. Each of these passions feeds my soul and currently fuels my work in the world. Think of this as an invitation to peek behind the curtain of what’s going on in my laboratory these days.

1. Sigils

Ah sigils! I could playfully create them for hours.

The beauty of a sigil is that it is a symbolic representation of your words of affirmation. Your unconscious has an unquenchable appetite for symbols, so why not feed it ones that you devise?

I created one based on this I AM statement: “I am a brilliant, sexy teacher and a best-selling author who helps thousands of women and men all over the world.”

(Notice the horns at the top? That’s my bow to Maleficent. The serpent in the center was made from the letter “S”.)

Here’s how you can create your own if you’ve never done it: 

1. Grab a pencil and paper. Write down your intention in present tense: I AM, I Have, I Intend, for example.

2. Cross out all vowels (including “y”), leaving only the consonants. Be sure to cross out doubles.

3. With the letters you have left, create a design that feels powerful to you. Usually, I draw multiple versions. I’m also obsessed with metallic gold and silver ink, so I chose black construction paper for my final drawings.

4. Hold the sigil in your hands, repeat your intention aloud or silently and imagine your life force entering into it. It is now charged with YOUR magical essence. You can put it on your altar, frame it, or carry it with you.

2. Subliminal Meditation

Like sigils, subliminal meditations mainline positive affirmations and healing messages directly into your unconscious. You don’t even need to think, ponder, or repeat your affirmations over and over.

Just put the meditation on while you’re working, playing, napping, or chilling with a good book. The work is happening on deep levels that you are blissfully unaware of. You will notice right away that you are so much more relaxed. Things begin to happen. Manifestations land. Synchronicities multiply.

I can create a personalized subliminal affirmation track for you for $66. (Click here to order.) There are free ones floating about on YouTube, etc. Be careful to check the source and confirm that they are trustworthy. You don’t want the wrong messages to sink in!

3. Ceremonial Cacao

I had my first experience with Ixcacao with my dear friend and coach Sandi Davis. She led me through a personal journey with ceremonial cacao at a time when I was depressed and needed to be rooted deeper into mama Gaia.

It was true love from the first moment. The euphoria that ceremonial cacao delivers goes straight through to your heart. It opens your heart both physically and spiritually.

Here is a little bit of science about this gorgeous, velvety liquid joy!

Theobroma Cacao (translating from the greek: theo = god and broma = food + cacao = the mayan name for the chocolate bean) is the active ingredient in cacao that creates the feelings of bliss, euphoria and well-being.

The deva of the cacao plant, named Ixcacao, is known as an opener of the heart and the heart chakra.

“The flavonoids also support clearing of the blood vessel walls, flexibility of the arteries and a thinning of the blood, all contributing to a reduction in blood pressure and buildup of fatty deposits (plaques) along the artery walls, as well as a reduced load on the heart muscle.” (Source: https://cacaoceremonies.com/cacao/)

I learned how to create cacao ceremonies for myself and my circles through Annu Tara’s amazing program. Learn more about it here.

4. Hymn to The Muse

I first heard this hymn on one of Layne Redmond’s albums and was completely transfixed.  I have often felt that my Muse love comes through at inopportune times (like 3 or 4 in the morning). I’ve come to realize over the past few weeks after listening to this piece over and over again, and learning the chant and drum rhythm, that we must invoke The Muse before we create.

Of course, this is not about attempting to control exactly when your Muse calls. Rather, this hymn is a humble prayer that our Muse be with us and bless us when we are called to create something beautiful with lasting impact. The magical and magnificent recording of this hymn can be found on YouTube. I’m working on a marketing course where we will specifically work with the Muses for the most exquisite ideas and words to use in our promotions. It will be launching this month!

What are you up to these days? Allow yourself to play on these earthy, sensual and warm days. Be the Empress or the Emperor of pleasure!