My Life As A Mermaid is a mystical memoir + mermaid fantasy quest —
with a dash of rockstar-dust.

It’s the (mostly true) story of my life as a rock ‘n roll drummer’s daughter — a girl with supernatural gifts + celestial sensitivities.

As a child, I spoke to angels, spirits + trees, regularly conversed with unfriendly ghosts, and felt
safest at the bottom of a swimming pool. I was different. Quiet. Invisible.
And I liked it that way.

But it wasn’t until many years later — in my second marriage, with a baby girl of my own — that
I first met the Mer. The collective spirit of the mermaid. The emblems of seduction, plunging
depths of the psyche, and endless, endless water.

The Mer are the keepers of great wealth and knowledge.
They’re not human — but they want to help us.
Their message needs be heard.

And I’m going to share it.
Drum beats + all.

My Life As A Mermaid is coming :: Summer 2015