Online Essay, “Alchemical Axé Hieros Gamos in Brazilian Candomblé Rites”

[AWD_likebutton] Brazil is a land of mystical rhythms emerging from thunderous drums in the deepest part of night. Reminiscing about the three months I lived and breathed ritual and popular music in Salvador da Bahia brings back some of the most magical and mysterious moments I have ever experienced. Building and transferring axé, the energy […]

Exclusive Holiday Offer: Save 50% or more on “Magical Imaginings”

[AWD_likebutton] Greetings! To celebrate the release of my new meditation CD, “Magical Imaginings: Journeys Into Your Inner Realms” I’m offering a 50% or more discount on the MP3 download of my album from CD Baby. For a limited time you can purchase the MP3 version of my CD’s for 50% of or more. This is […]

Introducing “Magical Imaginings: Journeys Into Your Inner Realms”

I’m so excited to announce the release of my first of many meditation CD’s “Magical Imaginings: Journeys Into Your Inner Realms!” I really enjoyed creating this CD, which primarily consists of guided imaginal journeys I created for my many workshop participants. Would you like to know more? Here’s a link to the album notes with […]

Living in Bliss: Personal Mythology 101

[AWD_likebutton] Online (virtual) and In-Person course: Living in Bliss: Personal Mythology 101 3 Saturdays from 10:00-11:30am, October 15 – October 29, 2011 Virtual via phone and/or GoToMeeting and physical location in Santa Barbara, CA – Discover your personal mythology & re-create your life. – Re-member the fragmented pieces of your early life, when you felt […]


[AWD_likebutton] Join Diane Feingold and I for a unique and magical mini-retreat on October 15th! A ceremonial day of healing for pre-postnatal mamas and their birth partners. Provided by Diane Feingold & Kris Oster. Treat yourself to a magical, mini-retreat of renewal in the realm of water and the ancient rhythms of the drum. Saturday, […]

The Dream of the Blue Fish (2004)

[AWD_likebutton] During the third session of the course, while practicing the active imagination exercise, I reimagined the symbols of the house and world tree from Kaballah as interchangeable parts of myself in connection to my inner world and outer world. I had an overwhelming feeling that I was engaging with material that had been stuck […]

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