Living in Bliss: Personal Mythology 101

[AWD_likebutton] Online (virtual) and In-Person course: Living in Bliss: Personal Mythology 101 3 Saturdays from 10:00-11:30am, October 15 – October 29, 2011 Virtual via phone and/or GoToMeeting and physical location in Santa Barbara, CA – Discover your personal mythology & re-create your life. – Re-member the fragmented pieces of your early life, when you felt […]


[AWD_likebutton] Join Diane Feingold and I for a unique and magical mini-retreat on October 15th! A ceremonial day of healing for pre-postnatal mamas and their birth partners. Provided by Diane Feingold & Kris Oster. Treat yourself to a magical, mini-retreat of renewal in the realm of water and the ancient rhythms of the drum. Saturday, […]

The Dream of the Blue Fish (2004)

[AWD_likebutton] During the third session of the course, while practicing the active imagination exercise, I reimagined the symbols of the house and world tree from Kaballah as interchangeable parts of myself in connection to my inner world and outer world. I had an overwhelming feeling that I was engaging with material that had been stuck […]

A Living and Breathing Mandala Named Joseph Campbell

[AWD_likebutton] A myth may be thought of as many different things; a metaphor, a psychological orientation, a story, a religious belief. Joseph Campbell imparts that myth is the “dictionary of the language of the soul” (Campbell Inner Reaches, 31) and that one culture’s myth is reflected in all others: the one in the many and […]

Listening in the Bardo: Hearing Beyond Sound

Ludwig van Beethoven was struck with deafness at the height of his career in Vienna. In his later years, Beethoven composed music “in his head” and painstakingly revised each piece of music until he was satisfied with the result. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is also said to have heard music internally, as if he were tuned […]

Mythic Writer’s Circle Sept. 13 – Oct. 18 2011

I’m forming a new circle/workshop that will begin in September The Writer’s Mythic Journey: A Circle of Discovery & Support. Live IN-PERSON (Santa Barbara, CA) and OVER THE VIRTUAL AIRWAVES via phone or GoToMeeting. Part 1: Character & Archetype A Circle in Workshop Format for New and Experienced Writers What are the qualities that make […]

New! Pre-Post Natal Drumming at Kindermusik SB!

I’m excited to announce that starting on September 12th, I’ll begin teaching my Pre-Post Natal drumming workshop series as part of Kathy Hayden’s Kindermusik programs. This workshop is designed for pregnant mamas and for new mamas with babies up to 4 months old. Pregnancy is a time of change, celebration and profound bonding between mother […]

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