My beautiful mother, Rose Marie, circa 1980.

This Venus day is dedicated to the memory of my mother who passed peacefully, surrounded by her closest friends and family at midnight on February 26th – the day of the new moon solar eclipse in Pisces. I have much to share about her and will in the months to come.

Today (3/3) is her birthday – she would be 68 years old if she were here. I’m going to be celebrating her today with family, since she loved a good party and never missed anyone’s birthday, no matter what.

Your #PleasureBomb has arrived.

Today is Friday, ruled by the love/beauty/sexy/prosperous planet Venus.

A Pleasure Bomb is part oracle, part declaration…revealing what lives in the quiet sensual spaces of your Soul.
Pleasure Bomb = Aphrodisiac for your business and life.

Let’s share our pleasure, like holy prayers whispered on the wind…to be gathered up by hearts near and far.

Let Love + Pleasure Rule,
xox Kris

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