Tarot Reading: 2018 Biz Forecast


2018 Biz Forecast – 18 Card Reading / Video, delivered via email.



2018 Biz Forecast – 18 Card Reading / Video, delivered via email. $125

Ready for mystical AND actionable marketing and biz advice that can move your brand from stuck to supernatural?

My BIZ Forecast 2018 Readings are available Now through January 7th.

These readings are your answered prayer if you are a small business owner or a solo entrepreneur with soul.

Think of them as a roadmap that helps you stear clear of the potholes and black ice, so you can direct your energy exactly where it needs to go.

And, if you’re feeling a bit lost right now about what you want to create in 2018, this reading will be your muse.

Reading delivered via recorded video so you can return to it all year.

Here’s what your Biz Forecast includes:
1. Overview of your biz flow for each quarter. I use the tarot and access my own biz savvy to help guide your activities for all 4 quarters in 2018.

2. Archetypal themes you can use for the new year that will boost your brand awareness and help increase sales.

3. Marketing strategies that will work best for your archetype.

4. 10 minute personalized subliminal meditation track just for you. You give me the affirmations you want me to use, and watch your biz grow and attract more dream customers and clients.

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