Tarot Reading: Recorded S.A.S.S.


Recorded S.A.S.S. / Private, password protected video delivered on Vimeo

Product Description

Recorded S.A.S.S. / Private, password protected video delivered on Vimeo: $9575 (sale price).
Intuitive Tarot Reading Meets Business + Branding Ingenuity.
: Mystical Encounters
: Soul Food
: An Aphrodisiac for Your Business

We live in a time so filled with enchantment, that it’s obscene.

With over 20 years experience in corporate entertainment marketing as a web developer, creative writer and a business strategist, I know how to help other entrepreneurs effectively express their unique brand to attract more clients and be unforgettable.

How SASS works:

  • I begin by discovering the theme that is weaving the story of your business for the next 6-9 months.
  • We ground into that archetype to bring it to earth so you can embody it.

  • You email me about 2-3 projects you have in progress or just on your mind, or up to 3 questions.
  • The tarot cards, guardian spirits and angelic presences will intervene for protection and very specific guidance: best time to launch, methods to promote, partners, pricing and how to approach each project with ease.
  • I video record the reading for you and upload as a private video to Vimeo – I’ll give you a password to access.
  • You’ll gain sound strategies and ideas for your business, feeling more confident and affirmed.

After our session:
Your Business …
Unrestrained. Unleashed.

Your Soul …
Pleasured. Empowered.

Indulge yourself with my 150+ page guide to creating unforgettable marketing + branding.