Blame it on my rockstar drummer dad, but I LOVE a captive audience.

I’ve worked as a marketing director + web developer for 20+ years — while simultaneously earning a PhD in Mythological Studies, and working as a professional musician.

The result? A uniquely-brewed perspective on business direction, client seduction, brand integration and human motivation.

I LOVE giving talks to marketing + branding departments, creative teams and imaginative business leaders. I’m especially gifted at workshopping with multiple departments — bringing everyone into alignment, under a shared business vision.

If your company or department needs a spark of imaginative mysticism, a new perspective on visual + textual communication, or just a fresh voice to stir a stagnant initiative into motion — I’m the mermaid-inspired mentor you’ve been seeking.

Choose one of my signature workshops — or let’s create something brand-new, for your team.



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Effective Storytelling in Marketing

Great marketing begins and ends with great storytelling.

Many entrepreneurs on the spiritual path turn away from self-promotion because it smacks so strongly of egocentricity.

The truth is that marketing (which is really about storytelling), branding (which is really about personal clarity), and business development (which is really about fulfilling your destiny) are powerful opportunities for healing and self-empowerment for both you and your audience.

In this experiential workshop, you will discover the links between branding and mythologizing as well as how to articulate the prevailing archetypal themes that operate beneath all of your creative work.

Bring a pen and notebook for some writing prompts. Wear comfortable clothes for gentle movement and breathwork.

Bewitch: Cast Your Spell to Get The Customers You Crave.

We are the change agents. We are dynamic + courageous … wild. Sexy. Transparent. Magical.

We discover how much we want to shine, be ourselves + attract the clients, contracts and customers that will support our lifestyles.

And, this is exactly where we begin to play small, hesitate and draw back our power and light. The vulnerability we feel at being seen and heard is healthy and real … and completely debilitating at times.

The biggest fears for entrepreneurs are: 1. the fear of being invisible, and 2. the fear of being seen. Like many contradictions we encounter throughout our lives, the meeting of two opposite fears or states of being is the place where we discover our superpowers. Where the light meets the dark is the space of greatest potential.

Looking for your gifts in the light yields only 10-20% of your potential power. Like the submerged part of an iceberg, the unknown and unconscious aspects of ourselves make up the majority of our consciousness.

Getting into the sacred “between” spaces is one of the main intentions I have for writing my book Return to Enchantment.

Spend an hour becoming more acquainted with the inner characters, archetypes and energies living within your imagination—then rethink your business and marketing from their perspective! You’ll create something for your audience that is thrilling, enchanting and totally bewitching.

Bring a pen and notebook for some writing prompts. Wear comfortable clothes for gentle movement and breathwork.


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“Dear Kris:

Thank you for such a fabulous day of learning and manifesting. I left with so much inspiration and excitement.

The best part of your training was: A sublime mix of soul and mind. To learn to use my heart energy to manifest the opportunities to fulfill my “dharma” and allowing ease and grace to support me is the new way of doing business. Forget pressuring people, forget feeling desperate and stressed out. Connecting to my muse in guided meditation with Kris, right there in the middle of a marketing workshop, was the best possible way to learn the art of being in my true dharma. Kris is paving a new way of doing business.”

–Aparna Khanolkar, Ayurvedic Consultant & Educator
Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

“Kris is clear and grounded in everything she says and does. I can highly recommend her Marketing workshops and any content/products she produces. Her work is life changing in that she leaves enough space for your own imagination to create images and figures and surroundings you need in your life.”

–Elizabeth Ann Robinson, RN, CNS, PhD
Santa Barbara, California

“Kris Oster, in addition to her great research skills, is smart and sensitive. Her seminar is upbeat and informative. Each participant receives one-on-one feedback tailored to her needs, along with the tools to bring her unique project to life. Terrific!”

–Paula Sharp-Salvarakis, Ph.D., Mythologist/Budding Screenwriter
Simi Valley, California

“Kris does an amazing job creating a warm and engaging space with her online gatherings. Each time I’ve participated, I’ve felt not only a greater connection to the subject material, but also to the other participants. And her meditative exercises are truly revelatory. Highly recommended.”

-Anne McClane, Author
New Orleans, Louisiana