Picture this …

You’re sitting on a throne inside of a 100-candle lit room with vaulted ceilings inlaid with gold. The entire room is glowing … all is silent, calm and peaceful.

A high priestess approaches you, reverently holding a golden crown laden with jewels.

She kneels before you and bows, holding the crown up to you.

It is time to place the crown on your own head … because YOU are the Queen.

Be 100% honest with yourself here.

Did you see yourself reach out and claim that crown? Or, did you hesitate, waiting for someone else to declare your worthiness and place that crown on your head for you?

As a business strategist and intuitive mermaid oracle, I notice that so many women are not stepping into their Leading Lady role and are giving their power away!

Truth is – no one else can crown you. Many would rather you don’t put it on at all. Powerful women after all are dangerous.

I have three words for you … BE THE QUEEN.

It makes us mad as hell to see any lady spending her precious hours waiting for permission to just be the amazing woman she ALREADY is.

Soooo, Demi Fox and I created a new retreat that will take you deep into the magical heart of your inner Sovereign Queen called:

SPELLBOUND: A Bewitching Biz Retreat in Glastonbury.

We created this retreat because we think women are ready and able to claim their own crowns. And…

… because we think it’s total bollocks that women think they need to wait for permission to be their true selves or do what they are passionate about.

… because we think you can have ungodly amounts of sexy fun with your marketing and in your everyday work.

… because we think separating our work life from our spiritual life sucks, and that it’s time to throw out the patriarchal rule book and infuse your businesses with wild witchy knowhow and deep divine feminine connection

Beguiling Queen, we know there are many bumps on the road to glittering and golden Sovereignty.

Do these typical femmepreneur problems sound familiar?

“I’m posting on Facebook/Instagram constantly and not getting any sign ups.”

“I work my ass off but it’s not resulting in more $$$ in my bank account. It all just feels so HARD!”

“Love doing my work, but I HATE marketing … it makes me feel like an asshat or a pusher. I don’t want people to think I’m desperate.”

“I’m so not confident. I want to feel sexy and powerful – like I can call the shots with confidence in all areas of my life!”

“I love my work… but I resent the hell out of it too. Why does working hard have to be so boring?”

Spend the weekend with us and dip into a safe, supportive space to dive deeper into your RAW, regal and magical self.

After SPELLBOUND you’ll be whipping out your seductive marketing and celebrating the celestial cashflow in no time at all.

We’re not just going to be conjuring any old “Queen” during the 2 days of our juicy and magical gathering.

We are going deeper into the sexierrrr, more intoxicating realm of Morgen of Avalon, aka Morgaine, Morgana and Morgen Le Fay.

Sovereign Sorceress. Beguiling Beauty. Temptress of the Treasury. Cauldron Keeper.

Morgana is the Sovereign Queen of Avalon, the wielder of transformation, the Initiator, keeper of the crossroads between the magical and the mundane. She challenges you to step into your authentic self, your truest expression, to face and love your darkness and stand up to be as imperfectly, powerfully, magnetically you as possible.

She is our Sovereign Role Model this weekend, the shapeshifting Goddess of Avalon who is all things at once – seductive faery queen, vengeful warrior, serene high priestess, and bold trickster. We do not need to elevate ourselves to some new-age ideal of love, or to some perfect Queen status – Morgana teaches us that the only work there is to do is to uncover who we are, darkness and light.

Next year in Glastonbury Avalon, UK, you will be treated to 2 days of bewitching branding strategy … and so much more.


Two days of incense-soaked business questing, drumbeats and sensual dance moves deep in the sacred landscape;
Rituals with fresh red roses to embody your sovereign essence;

Sacred marketing strategy to get you fired up and hot for your biz.

We are going to be uber focused on archetypal resonances for our time together – figuring out what our archetype is in our business – maybe a queen, a mermaid (cough cough), a priestess, a diva, a unicorn, a Diana/Wonder Woman warrioress, a courtesan – and immerse into that with a blend of clever business trickery and powerful ritual goodness so we can really dive into and live out that archetype’s magic in our business… and thus have a “fuckton” (Demi’s word!) more PLEASURE with it. And you know we are all about Pleasure.

We want you to get all hot-and-bothered about good … marketing. The healing kind of marketing that makes you feel sexy and reverent. The breed of brand words + images that stage revolutions of the ecstatic kind.

We’re here to teach that pleasure and play are more vital to your business than knowing the latest + hottest social media platform. Or how to create Facebook ads.

Because ultimately the most important resource in your business is not your customer. And it’s not your high-calibre business coach.

YOU are the most valuable resource in your business.

Once you claim this truth, the mystical irony of it all is that you’ll stop struggling so hard.

Cash flow increases.

And, you’ll attract the clients that light you up like 10,000 fireflies.

Our Ritual Priestess, Mer-Queen Demi will lead you on a journey with the Sovereign Queen Morgen – take you into ritual, sanctify every moment and decision, and help you infuse your biz life and plans with pleasure and fun, and probably a few swearwords too.

We are designing the whole weekend like one magical spell … a beautiful, powerful transformative spell in one of the most romantically sacred spaces there is. SPELLBOUND will help you catalyse your biz intentions for the next six months plus and help you truly and magically embody whatever archetype is longing to play through you.

Demi is also an incredibly gifted artist and will create custom-built spell books for all who partake of this delicious retreat, to act as your super witchy biz guide and give you support in your journey beyond the retreat.

Are you ready for a FUCKTON of fun, pleasure and magic?

We are beyond excited to present this material to you and share time in the our most beloved and sacred place of Avalon … in the physical realm of Glastonbury, UK.

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The Spellbound Gameplan:

– Opening our circle with Ritual and Dance: beginning the magic, embracing your coven sisters and receiving our spellbooks.

– Immersing into Sovereign Queen energy… what does it take to be a sovereign queen? How would our biz lives change if we inhabited that space? Here, we invoke Morgan le Fey, the mistress of Avalon and lady of light and shadow, to help us look deep within, see the truth and be brave enough to pull out our essence. We align, we embody, we catalyse.

– Drawing Down Your Core Archetype – magical marketing workshop to help you discover and fall in love with the core archetypal story running underneath your brand. Finding your core themes and archetype will get you super clear and fired up about your personal destiny and burning with passion for how you can express yourself in the world.

– Stepping Into Your Queendom – Using our magical core archetype to strategize 4-6 months (and possibly beyond) worth of blissful, seductive, orgasmic content for business empire expansion and marketing. Stuff that will light you up and turn you on – stuff you never knew you were brave enough to entertain, let alone badass enough to rock out. Just like a salacious novel, you have to pull the audience along, giving them bits and pieces of the puzzle that tempt and tease and ultimately resolves the problem or conflict – thank goodness we have Kris the mermaid erotica novelist on hand to guide, strategize and advise as you plan out your spellbinding year.

– Get ready for a powerful ritual on the slopes of the sacred landscape of Avalon to catalyse and embody your sovereign queen essence – to step up, witnessed by your sisters, in this holy land and accept your power – to take up the mantle of Queen now and forever. Be inspired, be empowered, be wild and free.

2nd Day

– Our opening morning meditation and ritual of JOY – today we relax into the divine feminine and open to a new, joyful way of doing business.

– Embodying Your Brand of Magic – today we pull down inspiration form the liminal realms and make it manifest. We craft the ongoing spell you will be casting in your business over the next few months to make that money, to feel that passion. With the help of Kris and your coven mastermind, you will be outlining and rough drafting 1-2 seductive projects/offers that turn you on and make you giddy with excitement – plus we’ll plan all the promotional material to announce them to make more sales and conversions and figure out what would be the most fun for you – how would your archetype approach this? Experienced and super badass marketer Kris will be on hand to help you polish up your offers and sales invites, and inspire you to reach for the stars.


– Get Liminal: This afternoon we have time in the most sacred gardens of Glastonbury Avalon to connect with our own spiritual guides and goddesses to ask for help and advice – to journal and process our time together – to pour over our spellbooks and think about the spiritual resources you need to pull off this spectacular business spell. Kris and Demi will be on hand to offer any advice of guidance you need as you let the transformative energy of the landscape of Avalon wash over you.

– Closing Ceremony ; We finish our time together with a spectacular ceremony in the White Spring in Glastonbury, to raise and focus the energy and send it forward into the future, where our desires can manifest.

You have your game plan – you have cast your spell. Go forth and bewitch, sister.

See you next year, Beguiling Queen!