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Higher Ground Member Spotlight: Shirley Ann Aphrodite

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I’m having a flushed moment of client adoration.  Have you ever felt that? When someone comes into your life as a client and they feel like a freaking soulmate? In case this hasn’t happened for you yet, I want to let you know that it is totally possible. And, if you have experienced what I’m […]

Higher Ground Member Spotlight: Suzanne O’Gara

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I am so grateful that Suzanne O’Gara sauntered into my life and Higher Ground this year. As the creatrix and owner of Alchemy of Avalon Tea (http://www.alchemyofavalontea.com), Suzanne has had a tremendous year – she redesigned and upgraded her website, for one thing, and saw a 400% sales increase! She has too many talents and […]

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