An intuitive tarot reading is the perfect potion when you need a dose of magical and mystical faith …

… or want new ideas to take your biz or life into a fresh direction!

I have the intuitive tarot guidance to help!

Please note that I’m not doing in-person or over the phone/Skype readings until April 2017.

How this works:

After you pay for your reading via PayPal using the links below, I will complete and deliver your reading within 48 hours.

Note: I do not process readings on weekends … so, if you order on a Friday, Sat or Sun, you will get your reading before the end of the day on the following Tuesday.

See the areas below and choose the type of reading you’d like.

General + Life Purpose

Love Life + Sacred Partnerships

Business + Creative Projects

Gift certificates are available if you wish to treat someone you love to a reading with me.

Simply pay for the reading using the links above and then email me with the following details:

  1. First and last name and email of gift certificate recipient.
  2. When to email them the announcement of your gift.

Raves for My Readings

“I received a business tarot ready from Kris. I was delighted. I am an artist and the typical business coaching session leaves me uninspired and kinda dry.

Kris’s approach in combining the the tarot with her business skills was very effective for me. It brought the magic and mystery, that I so love, into the dry parts of my work.

I guess what pleased me the most is that she completely spun the concept of business around for me. Kris showed me that the business parts don’t have to be boring, that by mixing it up with the sacred and magical it can be fun and so much more effective. I feel a little like she infused my business with Spirit.

I received great business advice in a way that I could hear it and in a way that I am actually excited to carry out.

I highly recommend a tarot business reading from Kris.”
– Terre Cerridwyn, Cerridwyn Studio

“Kris’s Tarot Card reading was insightful, enlightening, and spot-on. I have had many readings through the years and no one has provided as much accuracy and clarity as Kris. She truly forms a genuine connection and has an astounding comprehension of the messages within the cards. I highly recommend tapping into Kris’s talent and getting a reading, you will not be disappointed!”
– Theresa R., California

“Kris has such a nurturing warmth and love that just oozes from her every word and act and then you couple it with a natural intuitiveness, skills with tarot cards, and her business savvy, and you have one very special and unique women who thrives in this realm! I loved our soul session together; it was affirming for the direction I’m going in creatively, personally, and professionally and encouraging as well to continue listen to my instincts and intuition in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend doing a business soul strategy session with Kris if you’re going in a new direction with your business or creating a new one from the ground up.”
– Rachel Sarah Thurston, Rachel Sarah Thurston Multimedia

“When you have a reading with Kris, you know it’s going to be a magical experience. It’s not just that she’s got the whole sexy mermaid thing going on, being able to go into the depths of the subconscious and find the pearls and treasures lost to us, bringing them back to the surface.

No, it’s more than that. She sings a siren song that lures us to our dreams, to the steps that we need to explore and to the beat we need to dance to in order for our dreams to become manifest.
In that way, she seduces us with our own wild souls, and entices us to invoke our own inner powers. Her readings are accurate and exploratory, delving into areas of my business ideas that I had been keeping on the back-burner. As we immersed ourselves into the dark seas of these ideas, her readings helped me find my compass, my light and my magic.

Without these, I would still be adrift on a sea of wishes and dreams that would amount to nothing. Now, armed and shimmering with magical ocean spray, I feel more than confident that I can achieve what I want and go after what I need, enchanted and empowered, and wickedly alive.”
– Cynthia Cano, Magical Barista

About Kris

newKrisCircleKris has been reading tarot since age 12 and has seen spirits her whole life.

In the past six years she has worked with a hybrid of mer-angel spirits that are coming through for many at this time to heal our wounded self-esteem and sensual, pleasure bodies. It is time to integrate and connect the energies between our heart-soul and sensual centers to birth a new world of peace, prosperity and soul purpose.

Kris works with the archetypal energy of the Empress, who rules 8th chakra and helps us to bring Heaven to Earth.

Kris helps entrepreneurs on the spiritual path create sustainable and unique businesses, and lovers manifest lasting romance, sacred sexuality and abundant financial resources.

This website and any reading given is for entertainment purposes only. This information should not be used by you to replace any professional advice.