Life should be touched, not strangled. You’ve got to relax, let it happen at times.” – Ray Bradbury

When did I learn to be so hard? So brittle? So unyielding to all that life offers me?


Pleasure is still such a maligned concept.

Wrong. Bad. Evil. Cheap. A sin. Weak.


We worship worry, concern and anxiety. Day in and day out. We obey our fears and entertain our doubts.

Let us revere pleasure instead.


Life wants us to feel good. It offers so much beauty for us to take in.

Stop holding onto the fear that you won’t make enough money, get the girl, get the car, the job, the house. Rather, let go. Leap off of that cliff with your eyes closed. Spin until you are so dizzy you fall down!


Let go.


Take a deep breath. Take another and another, until there is an ocean flowing through you. Until there is a current that carries your mind along the river of pleasure.

Pleasure comes when we stop holding on so tightly to everything. Don’t strangle your life. Don’t squeeze every drop of ecstasy out of your life!

That is not receiving pleasure. That is forcing your soul into a small box.

Expansion comes from allowing. It comes from laying back.

Just do that. It’s doing no-thing. (Nothing is something.)

Smile as much as possible—and laugh!


Listen more.

Listen to the birds.

Listen to the Wind.

Listen to your deepest, nearly inaudible thoughts.

Retreat into pleasure.


She is waiting.