Hey Beguiling One!

Before you apply for any of my courses, masterminds or services please know that my methods and style are not a fit for everyone.

Shocker, I know!

Here’s what you need to know:

#1: I can’t handle when anyone is dishonest about their true feelings. I will know and at first it will confound me. Then I will be angry as a maelstrom. Mostly, I will get in my bathtub and cry it out before I yell at anyone. But it makes my life a misery and tears my heart to pieces.

#2: I work collaboratively. We do our best work together.

#3: Passionless projects are not accepted. Mainly because I’ve tried that with people and they waste their money and my time. Your whole heart has to be in it. But you don’t have to be a screamer or a moaner. I love the quiet ones because you can keep a steady boil over a low flame.

#4: You must believe in making magic and miracles. If you’re against using oracles and dreams for amazing offer and tagline ideas I’m not the mer-mentor you’re seeking.

Oh yeah, my favorite topic.

Refunds: check the individual courses and services that you signed up for to view their refund policies or just ask me straight up.

General rule of thumb is we shouldn’t even get to that terrible state, but if we do then we talk about it openly like adults. No finger pointing or blaming. Just down to earth, no nonsense facts and problem solving.

With complete love + devotion,