A mermaid + a megalodon swim into a bar …


*Title and ideas in today’s missive were inspired by the Divine Oracle Diva Dyana Valentine.

It’s not only a new moon and late Summer harvest celebration day, it’s Shark Week! I’m sure you’re getting inundated with commercials about Discovery Channel’s most popular series today, along with ocean organizations asking for donations to protect the Great White, which is on the extinction list.

But there’s another reason why I have sharks on the brain.

My whole life I’ve been both fascinated and fearful of sharks. The Great White shark from “Jaws” became a fearsome villain of the depths ready to chomp you in half or swallow you whole (like poor Quint). The Great White was like a dark shadow looming in the imaginations of Americans, most now scared shitless to get into the ocean!

I felt this shadow too.

In fact, I saw a shark for the first time in my Dad’s swimming pool when I was 9 or 10 years old (what the hey, right?).

But my “Jaws” was way bigger than the typical Great White which can measure up to 20 feet long. Mine was more like 50 feet long––so large, in fact, that only it’s gigantic head could fit in the deep end.

I was swimming underwater and practically jumped out of the pool! I knew there were no sharks in people’s swimming pools. The chlorinated environment would be toxic.

So, I went back in the pool after catching my breath. I swam towards the deep end with my eyes closed. I was scared. I opened them and there was that giant shark again. Eyes looking right through me.

It just sat there. And we looked at each other. (I’ve had another dream where I was eye to eye with a large dolphin … but that’s another story for another day.)

Eventually the image of the giant shark faded.

This past June I had another experience with my shark friend, but she appeared to Dyana Valentine during a dream sequence for her Woke Up Knowing work.

I woke up alright.

Dyana’s dream of my megalodon: 

A gigantic shark glided into Alexandra Franzen’s parent’s kitchen and just stopped. They were eye to eye. Then the next part of the dream sequence were the insistent words “What do you want?” 

For the first time in my life I began to listen to the message this shark, that’s a prehistoric species called Megalodon, was trying to send me.

I spent time in imaginative play with my Megalodon whom I now affectionately refer to as “Meg.”

Her message is the wake up call that I need to heed right now. Here is what she’s telling me:

Pay attention. to. it. all.

Slow down.

Move forward, perpetually.

Don’t stop. Don’t reverse. (Don’t second guess my instincts and intuition)

Feel deep into my emotions.

Master the depths of my fears with compassion and wisdom.

Meg is as ancient as the soul itself.


In your personal mythology, who are the creatures that inhabit your dreams and psyche?

And have you been paying attention to your gut insitncts? Following the scent? Listening to your heart’s deepest longings? Can you stop for a day, or more, and attune to your soul (totem) animal’s messages?

Let tonight be the night.

Leave your comments below and tell me how your life has been directed, consciously or unconsciously, by the potent energy of your animal totem? Do you pick up a theme/thread?

And, if you intend something dear to your heart tonight the new moon will help these seeds grow in the most fertile soil. Since the new moon is in Leo, the firey, leonine sign, allow that theatrical, stand out from the crowd, let your hair down side come out to play.

Lions are predators, like sharks, and they are so beguiling, playful + regal!

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Sending you oceans of love,



There are 4 comments on A mermaid + a megalodon swim into a bar …

  • Hello Mermaid Lady,
    I’m delighted to read about “Meg.” There are situations when shark hugging is beneficial! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you! Meg + I wave our fins in a friendly hello.

      I’ve had imaginal encounters with her where I just rest on her back and she takes me even deeper into the aquatic realms. It has been deeply restorative.



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