My 46th Solar Year … Sovereign, Playful, Free, Truth



I feel so grateful when I think of you, and think of all of the people in my life who hold me up. Thank you for reading my words.

Today I celebrate US.

A meditation for my 46th birthday.

I know that Inanna chose to be with me for this year so I can go deep. Love deep. Work deep and play deep. To restore my soul and allow any sadness to come to the surface. To face disappointments and remember the triumphs, no matter how small they seem on the surface.

To acknowledge that there is A LOT going on underground that needs tending too. Tenderness is the order of the day.

I’ve heeded the call to adventure and I’m doing the work.

Yet, so easily am I swayed to do the piddly-shiz that helps alleviate my anxiety. To be “better.” But that’s not what I want.

I am longing for more … but the “more” is different than I’ve imagined it to be. I put strict limits on it. Tried to define it, shove it into a small box.

My More needs to breathe deeper and slower, feel the ocean breeze on her bare skin, to dance through the labyrinth at dawn and at dusk, to laugh with her child all afternoon, to give and receive breathless orgasms from her man. And, sleep a whole day away if that’s what she needs.

Yes, the “more” is More, and it is me.

Stripping everything down makes us vulnerable and uncomfortable. But most of the time we are naked in the darkness. Facing our shadow sister or brother, that part of us which most needs to tell the truth and be heard.

So, I’ll be spending some time listening into the dark crevasses this year. Joyfully. Playfully. Sorrowfully. It’s all part of this sublime soup called life.

Inanna has my hand firmly in hers. Her fire, passion and courage spur me on when the little girl in me wants to hide under the covers.

She smiles slyly with a twinkle in her eye and reminds me, “You know, darling, The Descent is not my only myth.”

Oh yes! Dumuzi … Adonis … Dionysus …. Osiris … Jesus.

Love. Passion. Ecstasy. Sovereignty.

Thank you 2014. I know I’m in for quite a ride!

Wishing you oceans of blessings.

In such gratitude for your presence here.

Deepest love,


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