5 Tips to Help you Manifest Like a Mermaid

photo by r.s.thurston photography

photo by r.s.thurston photography

  1. Relax. Mermaids spend a lot of time relaxing, day dreaming and beautifying themselves.
  2. Stillness + Silence. Mermaids live on both the surface and in the quiet depths. In order to birth the new into being, mermaids spend enough time discovering exactly what they want in their lives and how they want to feel.
  3. Mine your Treasure. Mermaids are connected with all sunken treasure. Like a net of gems, see Joseph Campbell’s writing on Indra, undersea treasures symbolize our own inner storehouses of gifts and talents. Many of these are hidden in the unconscious. Mermaids can navigate the greatest depths to discover their greatest hidden treasures.
  4. Visualize. Mermaids look into their mirrors and see through their beautiful reflection into the future. They envision their futures as sparkling and brilliant. They imagine how their lives will unfold in all of the fine details.
  5. Trust + Let go. Mermaids know that the ocean will provide their day-to-day needs. When food or treasure supplies run low, they trust that they will be guided to the source where supply never dips. Water is not only the element associated with emotions, but also with wealth. Mermaids know how to get out of the way so their unlimited supply can easily flow to them.

Manifest like a mer and begin spending your days basking in the sun instead of chasing your tail.

Many blessings!