A recipe for disaster…and this week’s Burning Question


I was warned by an astrologer. I felt it coming for a few weeks. I was pushing myself too hard and not heeding the advice given: rest, surrender and flow with the changes.

And, this segues beautifully into the Burning Question of the Week posted by Danielle LaPorte.

“What’s one dumb thing that you used to believe in?”

I used to believe that you had to sacrifice your well-being to succeed.

“Hard work” became working my *ss off at all hours of the day and night, missing my daughter’s first year of life (Shaun sent me a video of her first steps and I cried in my cubicle), doing anything people asked or wanted (aka “kissing *ss” and “people pleasing”) and basically wearing myself down to the bone to get more things than I could truly handle done to perfection.

The past few weeks I’ve been working my butt off and not taking time for myself when I knew I needed it. As a result, I’ve been feeling stressed out, sad, confused and ANGRY! Who am I really angry at? Me!
Besides the fact that I can’t control anyone, I couldn’t squelch my own old patterns of overworking to prove my worth…to myself.

The only thing I can think to do is replace the belief with new ones, which will hopefully help change the behavior. My own self-worth obviously needs to be rejuvenated. Taking time for self-nurturing will be the force to fuel my sense of self-love.

If you’re feeling like Mr. Frizzy Frazzles I have 2 mantras to share with you:

1. Completion, not perfection. (Special thanks to my friend Charlotte Cressey for this beautiful mantra.)

2. You are someone’s answered prayer. (Special thanks to Linda Sivertson, bookmama.com for this one.)

Have a blessed week! And, if you have a response to this post, please feel free to offer up your own experiences with letting go of old beliefs and an inspirational mantra below.