A Winter Solstice Re-Membering


Our stories are the lifeblood of the planet.

The ancient myths surrounding the Winter Solstice no longer feel as potent to me because we are entering into a new paradigm, which feels liquid, like we are standing on shfting sands.

In last year’s Winter Solstice ritual I recounted the myth of the Japanese Shinto goddess Amaterasu.

A recap:

    Amaterasu shines so brightly at birth that her parents place her in the sky to bring light to humanity and all of creation. While away in the sky in her role as light bringer, her brother (the storm god) goes into her private quarters and destroys everything in it. As a final gesture of complete disrespect he defecates on the floor. When Amaterasu sees what has happened she withdraws into a cave, removing light from the world. Everything on the planet begins to die away. All creatures are starving.

    The deities gather and try in vain to persuade Amaterasu to come out of the cave. She refuses and remains in mourning.

    The deities hatch a new plan: they install mirrors at the mouth of the cave and beckon her once more to come out and see the beauty she is missing. She refuses again.

    Finally Uzume, a Japanese rendition of the Greek Baubo and mythological proof of the healing properties of humor, begins to make lewd jokes and baudy gestures. The deities’ laughter is so uproarious that Amaterasu’s curiosity gets the best of her. She peeks her head out of the cave opening.

    Upon seeing her own brightness and beauty reflected back to her she emerges and returns light and life back to the world.

Amaterasu’s myth represents a “coming out” story. 2012 has been a year of coming out for me. I simply decided to be seen; the transformed me coming into being. I outed myself as a mermaid. Big stuff for me, since I’ve spent a lot of my life hiding my inner self.

Each of us has a unique connection to the myths and stories that shape our lives.

What did 2012 mean to you? What stood out as the defining story of your life?

At this Winter Solstice, I’m at a loss for a story. I’m spending the next 10 days meditating on it … and writing. I’m one of those who writes through the muck to find clarity. It’s my process. I’ll also be walking the labyrinth to continue to unfurl. But, I do know somewhere deep inside me there is a connection to the galactic story that embraces us all.

Perhaps 2013 will continue the theme of “coming out” for me, who knows?

So far the words that have emerged for this year (as core desired feelings based on my Desire Map*) feel delicious:

overflowing, unfettered, steeped, ambrosial, deeply rooted and otherworldly

Not quite a fleshed out story, but a really exciting preview into what my psyche is brewing up.

What is brewing under the surface for you?

Wishing you + your loved ones a magnetic and healing Solstice.

With great love + deep respect,


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