An Operating Manual for a FUN Life. (And biz.)



Playing with stories and archetypes helps you place meaning where before you felt powerless, empty and void.

Sacred stories illuminate and inspire.

You decide how you want to author your story, and can ask for enchanted beings to leave you signs along the way.

You don’t need to dictate to the Universe every single blessed detail!

You’re not a Dictator, you are a Creator.



Cry. Laugh.
Curse. Bless.

Delight in your inner diversity.

Above all, pray. Forgive. Love.

Believe in your brand of MAGIC.


You are unique in all of space and time.

Don’t let your magic die with you.

Put pen to paper, paintbrush to canvas, lips to your lover’s spine.
Stomp your dance. Sing your opera.

Bare your soul. Stand naked.


Inspire God. Seduce Life. Turn on Pachamama.

Show us how to be ART.

With love,


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It all begins on February 8, 2016!

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