Authenticity = Transparency. Working with the Mistress of Spice.


Why do you do what you do?

Nevermind the “how.” The “how” will work itself out, or as I like to think of it, the Universal Cosmic Muse, is actually conspiring on your behalf.
And maybe playing a few tricks on you here and there to be sure you’re truly listening.

Here I am, doing my thing. Today I’ll share one current client I’m working with so you can have a look inside my brain, soul and process to see if you’d like to work with me too.

How’s that for transparency?

My work with Aparna Khanolkhar: The Mistress of Spice

Aparna Khanolkhar, The Mistress of Spice

Aparna Khanolkhar, The Mistress of Spice

It’s rare when you come upon someone who is creating amazing offerings along with beautiful promotional marketing and videos, who also says, “I need help!” One of my big passion words this year has been helpful, so hearing this from Aparna, made me feel like a Super Heroine!

I want to be needed, YEAH! And, even more, I want to empower you with the right knowledge at the right time so you can be your own Muse and Wise Counselor.

Aparna attended my first ever 1/2 day retreat for Elite+Fabulous Marketing Lab. She was one of 6 women ready to uplift themselves and their businesses to a new level. She loved my mystical approach to content creation and business building and wrote me a beautiful testimonial the moment she got home. (This just feels so good!)

She asked if we could a one-on-one weekly coaching and help get her books and new projects off the ground. During the lab, she came up with a new eBook she wanted to offer her audience, along with the insight that she didn’t need to be stressed out to create the business she desires. (We all have moments when we need to work hard for what we want, but STRESSING out about money, work, relationships or life is not a necessary ingredient for success. So, let go of it already!)

After our first meeting, it was clear that one of her most popular offerings was her Ayurvedic Cleanse, which we repackaged with 3-levels of support and she even created a new eBook entitled, “Purify + Heal.” She videotaped and edited 3 or 4 testimonials from past cleanse Graduates and had these added to her website.

It’s a wonderful offering and especially seasonally appropriate during the Spring, since Ayurvedic wisdom imparts that Spring and Fall are the premium times to do a cleanse. I am now doing the cleanse for a second time and feel so peaceful and centered amidst the sturm und drang of my life. I’m cooking my own food every day and eating has become a ritual. I feel lighter physically and mentally. You’re cleansing the mind, as well as the body, with daily meditation.

Interested? Check it out soon, since cleanses should not be done in the summer. The cutoff date for Aparna’s wonderful cleanse is June 15th.

Visit Aparna’s wonderful website, The Mistress of Spice, and blog that she updated according to feedback I gave her during the lab. She used developers from to get the work done within her budget.

Aparna also improved her newsletters by using juicier headlines and using her stories/experiences to demonstrate her expertise and deep caring for all of her clients.

I’m so impressed with Aparna’s work ethic and her openness to create and transform rapidly. She is my blueprint for the ideal customer.

We recently videotaped her testimonial as a lovefest — we did it in her lovely backyard after our final session of her one-on-one lab (she decided to split her four hours into 4 weekly sessions). You’ll feel the energy of mutual love, respect and joy for each other’s beautiful work.

I’m so grateful for Aparna and all of the beautiful ladies I’ve worked with lately for one hour Muse Sessions.

Do your thing. Tell your story. And, you will shine like a beacon for others.

Nuff said, now enjoy the video!

My lovefest with Aparna Khanolkhar, The Mistress of Spice

My lovefest with Aparna Khanolkhar, The Mistress of Spice