The Backstory of the Enchanted Entrepreneurs Circle


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The Enchanted Entrepreneurs first came together in September of 2013 to participate in a 5-day challenge. There were originally 92 of us taking the online journey and 60 active members in the Facebook group.

To make a long story short: we fell in love with each other.

I made a decision that the Facebook mastermind will always be free of charge. The enhanced version of the circle is for those who wish to work deeper with me and my materials at an extremely affordable rate.

Either way you slice it, the Enchanted Entrepreneurs Circle is filled with radiant magic, loving community and fun-filled, edgy conversation. If this sounds like paradise, please join our Circle.


Caveat: If you’re not into playfully developing your unique voice + business story and being supportive of others doing the same, than this is not the right mastermind for you.


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