Bewitch: Cast your Spell to Get the Customers you Crave



Dear Magical One:

I’m sure you’re wondering what this bewitching business is all about. And, how it actually applies to your biz.

You think to yourself …

“Can my business be just as enchanting, magical and beguiling as so-and-so’s?”

“Can I magnetize my dream clients without being a sleazoid or a pest?”

“Can I experience a life of adventure, deep passion, affluence and joy, without sacrificing my soul to a life of corporate servitude or sucking up to high-paying clients?

Can I be myself and still attract the customers I crave? Won’t they think I’m weird?”


Bewitch is a 6-week enchanted journey that will help your sultry shadow-side step out and shine in the world.

At the end of this program you will:

:: Attract your dream clients like bees to honey … moths to a flame … vampires to fairy blood (sorry: True Blood fan here)

:: Get to show off the “real” you – uncanny, mysterious, wiley, marvelous you …

:: Experience your work beyond cash & clients – as something that’s sacred and meaningful.

:: Finally feel in your element.

:: Create new offerings, projects and collaborations that amplify your vision, energy and passions. (And, that your customers + clients find irresistible.)

:: Stop holding yourself back once and for all.


Why Should I Be Your Mystical Leader?

I’m equal parts a magical business strategist and a total mythology geek.

I’m just your normal, everyday mermaid-preneur. (wink, wink)


I’m not your dry marketing + business coach.

I take the deep, dark and intoxicating parts of the mind & mythology and turn it into powerful & proven strategies to help you gain more visibility, customers and revenue.

With my 20 years in marketing and web development for companies the likes of E!, Paramount Pictures, Disney and Citrix Online, I know what you need to do to succeed without hiding your identity.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create a business and livelihood that feels otherworldly … seductive … enthralling … and totally bewitching.


In these 6 weeks of bewitching business-building magic you will learn:

Week 1. Come Hither.

I’ll walk you through a framework to create your scrumptious, most desirable customer character sketch. It will take your ideal customer avatar to a deeper, more concrete level.

Myths and dreams, just like the seasons and wheel of the year, are cyclical. We will play together during this 6-week period in a circle of phases that I’m sure you’re already familiar with: Birth, Growth, Decline, Death + Rebirth. When we honor these cycles in ourselves and our biz, we are also honoring timeless traditions from cultures all over the world. We’ll look at stories that represent all of these phases and see how they intersect with our customer’s experiences of our work.

Week 2. Shadow Play.

This is one of my favorite pastimes … imaginal play with those parts of me that are “unacceptable” and so damn bewitching! We’ll create collages/vision boards or Pinterest boards that show the world a different view of ourselves. We’ll pair up and interview each other’s shadow characters too!

The Shadow is just another frame to talk about the dormant energy that lies within us. Untapped. Lo and behold, your shadow is often the honey that attracts your most raving fans!

Week 3. Your Witches’ Brew.

This week you’ll plan out your irresistible offerings for the next six months. And, I’ll give you a framework to map out what makes you different from “everyone else.”

‘Cause, you’re not everyone. Not even close.

What is your heart crying out to do? Travel more? Teach? Sing? Dance? Start a revolution (helll yeah!). Yes, Bewitching One. You’ll figure it out … and, bring so much good juju onto the planet.

Week 4. Seduction of the Highest Order.

Beware: Client attraction will take on a whole new meaning.

Get ready to rock your marketing content. What are the best mediums to put your message out into the world that will reach your ideal customers + make you feel in your element? We’ll wade through it all … newsletters, videos, podcasting, guest blogging, social media strategies, live events, PR and joint ventures.

Week 5. The BIG 3: Sex, Money + Power
First, we’ll dive into cultural and personal stories around the Big 3: Sex, Power and Money. How do you want to change these stories in your life and biz? Learn how to release your “shoulds” and become the shining star you’ve always longed to be. And not tinsel-like, cheap shining. I’m talking deep, meaningful, being-a-beacon-of-light kind of shiny.

Week 6. Through the Threshold + Beyond the Veil.

Think Rituals. Celebrations. Time to send your desire vibration into the Otherworlds.

Since we’ll be in the thick of a Mercury Retrograde period (in Scorpio no less; the sign of transformation and power), we will be reviewing our own myths and doing deep work around resources. How will you optimize the power you already have to get you and your work out into the world?

What have you inherited from your Ancestors? What can you thank them for? What old patterns and conditioning can you release this year?

This workshop is perfect for anyone who believes that there is more to what meets the eye in the day-to-day world. That imagination is more important than cold, hard facts. That there are worlds-behind-the-world, waiting to be discovered.

This class is filled to the brim with fascinating lessons (in pdf, audio and video formats) + a seductive private Facebook haunt made up of supernaturally-creative entrepreneurs.

To purchase the digital self-guided ecourse, Bewitch, CLICK HERE.

With love + luminous witchery,


Praise from participants of Bewitch: Cast Your Spell to Get the Customers you Crave (Oct-Nov. 2013)

(photo credit, In Her Image Photography)
“First I want to tell you how much I am thoroughly enjoying this course. I love the blend of solid marketing principals and mythic, magic making. It is feeding my mystical/practical self in such a rich, deep way and in a completely different way than other marketing work I have done. In all the years I have been in business and have been writing ideal customer profiles (and it had been many on both counts) this is the first time I enjoyed it. I am learning so much about her. I feel like I am touching into the essence of the woman I serve rather than reporting on a hypothetical collection of descriptors. I am looking forward to more!”

– Sandi Davis, CPCC, Luscious Life-life coaching and intuitive wisdom for women.

2012“I have a successful therapy practice, but quite honestly have been crap at promoting my services and products. Through my participation in the Bewitch program I was able to open the doorway to my own juicy and joyful ‘marketing voice’ of truth. I’m allergic to much mainstream ‘marketing speak’ and approach to business and have in the past found myself hiding away so as not to come across as false and salesy. Yuk. I needed to find my own voice in promoting my services that was honest, clear, authentically me. Working with Kris has opened me to a more soulful, truthful expression of my services and products, my potential customers are connecting and I’ve come out of hiding!”

Meegan Care, Body Centered Therapist

“Hey – it’s Friday afternoon here in Australia. I guess that means that when I wake up tomorrow morning, week 2 tasks will be posted. So excited!! I am LOVING this course. I did an online business school course last year but I couldn’t connect with a lot of the information because it was too dry. Kris, the magical energy you are bringing to this course is weaving it’s way into my heart, soul & brain and even after one week, everything is finally clicking. xxx”

– Kim Tennant, Krysalis Astrology,

Merry Pic 1
“I can’t say enough about the Bewitch Program I was part of this past November. To say this is a “Rave Review” would be an understatement of grand proportion. Kris has a real knack for helping her clients to create a beautiful balance between creativity and logic. I spent most of 2013 stuck in a logical rut and not being clear about how to combine my creativity to mold my business into something compelling and unique. Nothing I did seemed to create any kind of result, either positive or negative.

Thanks to Kris and the Bewitch Program, I was finally able to get in touch with my creativity and form a brand that is both bewitching and beguiling; a thing of pure beauty that I’m proud to say is mine. As a result, I’ve gotten more subscribers, more clients and as a bonus, formed some amazing, supportive friendships. If you’re feeling stuck in your business and you’re ready to take off the blinders to realize the true beauty of your gifts, you can’t afford NOT to be part of The Return of Enchantment. Not only will it boost your business, it will boost your self-esteem and confidence in your value and teach you how to not just discover, but put a unique spin on your talents. I highly recommend it for anyone struggling either to grow their business or launch one.”

Merry Wise, Business Accountability and Rich Life Coach,

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kris both as a coach and a customer. Let me tell you, THAT mermaid marketing maven is the REAL deal!

My business has done a complete 180 since taking my first class with her, and my sales have almost tripled. She has taught me that singing my siren song and trying to sell to others doesn’t have to feel icky. She has also challenged me to leverage my time and resources more effectively so that I don’t have to kill myself to get things accomplished.

Kris’ refreshing class and product offerings have created another devoted customer for as long as we swim in the same sea.”
Angelique Mroczka, Owner of Pagan Writers Press and Word Whisperer at