Branding is Healing: How I was Transformed into a Mermaid


In 2011, I called my photographer and dear friend Rachel, of r.s.thurston photography, to ask her to photograph me as a mermaid. She just laughed. She had been obsessed with mermaids for two weeks before I even called her. We knew we were meant to work on this project together. Gave us both the goosebumps. I was so excited to begin and Rachel matched my energy and desire to manifest the vision.

More than just being photographed, I wanted to BE a mermaid. And I knew it would take more than a tail (didn’t have one since I’m not a fish) and long, glorious locks (which I did have).

I ordered a purple, sparkly mermaid’s tail from eBay and about four months later, in February 2012, Rachel photographed me in the Watsu pool I trained in as well as on Hendry’s beach in Santa Barbara.

So, what does this have to do with BRANDING?

In my mind … everything.

Branding is creating an image, then breathing life into it through expert implementation (in words, photos/images, design and color), like working with an amazing photographer like Rachel. We both had a vision of what was possible with the Mermaid.

But the side of branding I want to talk about is its healing potential. I believed for many years, especially after working for *the man* for so long, that branding was about the right color, words, images, attitude and emotions. Branding is psychological too. These are all obvious, on-the-surface reasons for why branding is important.

Not until after the mermaid shoot did I realize that I was not only breathing into my future mermaid-inspired memoir or great photos for my website…there was something deeper trying to emerge and become embodied.

I showed up for my shoot with unmanicured toenails and fingernails; I hadn’t even shaved my legs! (I was after all going to hide them inside my phony tail.) My stomach was bloated from pre-menstrual water retention and after a night of gorging on Rusty’s Pizza.

It still blows my mind that I would eat half a pizza the night before a photo shoot. What it reminds me of is my vulnerability around self-image and my lack of self-love that hits when I feel exposed, uncomfortable. Rachel assured me I looked gorgeous, bless her heart. Plus, one of my other dearest friends Lisa Beck was on hand to help me hop around the sand in my tail! During the shoot she was smiling at me and encouraging me. I was so blessed to have Lisa there. If only we could “beam in” our best friends with us every time we were feeling insecure!

After seeing the photos and watching the slideshow Rachel created (you can view it here) I had tears in my eyes. This was me! But, not me. We had co-created an archetypal representation of the energy that had been in my life, living under the surface since I was a child.

Becoming the mermaid I encountered in my visionary work healed me. It empowered me. And, branding myself as a mermaid has made me begin to look archetypally at myself and this image that has haunted my consciousness; in other words, I became aware of the ways in which I had been taking the image too literally.

I’m ready to set the Mermaid free. And, I look forward to seeing where she’ll swim to next. I will follow and see how the adventure unfolds.

This is how I added myth to my marketing. Now I’d love to show you how to do it too.

Magnetize Your Dream Clients Without Being a Sleazoid: Get Myth into Your Marketing

When you reveal your true voice in your marketing, powerful forces come into play on your behalf. Synchronicities pop up everywhere … magical opportunities, chance meetings and dates with destiny become the norm.

Somewhere in between being who you think you’re supposed to be and being who you really are you notice that your list doubles, Twitter numbers rise and revenue increases 30%.

In an hour with me you’ll learn four methods to use myth and archetypes in your marketing to create seductive content that will attract more perfect-fit customers … like bees to honey or moths to a flame.

And, we’ll workshop with real life examples so you can craft your own siren song that no one can resist.

What I’ll cover:

1. Remembering Your Legend :
You came into this world with major mojo. Let’s tap into that source.

2. Befriending Your Shadow :
Embrace and express your gorgeous imperfections and vulnerabilities. You’ll be oh so lovable and magnetic.

3. Pleasuring Your Audience :
If you’re turned on by your marketing and offers, your tribe will be too. Elementary Watson!

4. Re-vision Your Story :
You choose your TRUTH. Change your perspective and transform your biz.

Join us on August 14th and start magnetically attracting your most adoring fans.

The Deets:

Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014.
Time: 10:30-11:30am PT here’s a time zone converter
Where: Spreecast – link will be emailed upon your registration.
Cost: Free!


Will the call be recorded? Yes. I’ll email all registrants a link to the recorded Spreecast one hour after the broadcast.

What do I need? Your computer with a text editing program open or a notepad and pen. I’ll send you a short workbook with a few prompts the night before that will help you move through the workshop easier. It’s optional so if you don’t get to it, not a problemo.

I’m in! How do I register? Awesome! Click the big red button below, submit the form on the next page and I’ll send you the link.



There are 12 comments on Branding is Healing: How I was Transformed into a Mermaid

  • Hi Kris – I just looked at your mermaid photos – they’re beautiful. And what a fantastic metaphor for branding yourself.

    It made me think what my legend or myth would be. And I settled on Pegasus – the winged horse. Pegasus in Greek means “springing forth”. I like the image of strength and freedom. Also Pegasus is a magical helper – something I like to be for my clients and customers.

    Thanks for the imaginative take on branding!

  • Hi Kris, I’ve signed up for your call and I’m excited! I love this post, and your pics are gorgeous. I’ve always felt a connection to the goddess Juno (or Hera), the protector of women and mothers. I’d love have more of that spirit come through in my brand and marketing. This is my first visit…looking forward to reading through your site!

    • Yay!! I’m so excited you’re joining us Amanda. Your website is wonderful and did you know that the peacock often represents Hera? You have a lovely feather at the top of your name on the header … you can make it look even more like a peacock feather and you’d get a visual tie to your Goddess Hera lickety split!

      Looking forward to learning even more about you and your brand. Blessings! xoxo

  • What an inspiring story! I’m signing up for the call and am looking forward to diving in. Should I have idea ahead of time (like the Unicorn and Hera?)

    • Hi Shawn – so glad you’re planning to come to the webinar! I’m going to send a little pre-workshop homework to help y’all prepare for the Spreecast material. And, definitely list out your have characters and mythological figures. And next to each one, write why you love them.

      See you there! Can’t wait.


  • Kris, this was so real, touching, and inspiring. All signed up for the SpreeCast and looking so forward. Thank you!! 🙂

  • Kris, I love this! I resonated with so much of it, but especially the part of “what it reminds me of is my vulnerability around self-image and my lack of self-love that hits when I feel exposed, uncomfortable.” Sharing authentically, sharing fully is the real magic. I’m working on that every day.

  • What amazing pictures! I would love to be a mermaid too. Love you’re being so imaginative in your branding. Inspiring.

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