Marketing Muse: 3 Step Marketing Content On-Demand Training Course

Learn How To Unleash Your Natural Brilliance and Double Your Business!

There are 3 core areas you must ROCK OUT to develop a more fulfilling and prosperous business.

Are you ready to uplevel your business, by increasing your sales, visibility and influence on your own terms?

Ready to exponentially grow your business in a way that feels grounded, organic AND pleasurable?

In just 3 trainings, you will learn how to implement three foundational pillars to strengthen your business from the inside out, grow your audience and increase SALES!

Pillar #1: Know Thyself + Thy Customers

Without customers your business will die. Your business’ sustainability depends upon building solid relationships with your clients + customers year after year. YES, this takes energy and commitment.

Pillar #2: Content Creation

Is your content amazing or is it driving away customers? Magnetic content will keep your people coming back when it is relevant to their needs, plus you feel PASSIONATE about the topics of your content.

Pillar #3: Marketing + Promotion

If you don’t promote yourself with effective marketing your customers won’t have the joy of finding you. Believe me, there are A LOT of people who need what you have to offer. Be someone’s answered prayer!

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Imaginative Play Practice: Resource Your Creative Archetypes & Shine Brighter

I’ll lead you through the mystical (and practical) Imaginative Play practice I’ve developed over the past 10 years – I’ll help you access your inner sense of adventure, playfulness and love. You’ll feel more empowered, relaxed and joyful.

You may ask, “What is Imaginative Play?”
So glad you are intrigued!

I adapted Imaginative Play (IP) as a process of dialoguing with our unconscious selves, similar to what Jungians call Active Imagination. In IP, we consciously choose which inner being we want to work with.

IP allows parts of you that have been denied, repressed or forgotten to have a voice. The practice involves relaxing deeply and emptying your mind, except for a specific intention. The voices of your unconscious bubble up to be heard and seen by your conscious mind.

Here are the benefits you’ll receive from a daily practice of IP:

  • Eradicate overwhelm, exhaustion, burnout
  • Reduce feelings of being disconnected or alienated
  • Increase confidence in your decisions
  • Tap into your creative brilliance, so you play a more active role than in traditional meditation
  • Transform your life & business from bleh to bliss – make everything feel more pleasurable
  • Experience the alchemical integration of opposing forces within & in the outer world

It’s time to touch Heaven. Live in Bliss.
It’s time for you to SHINE.

If this sounds like your ticket to paradise, join us!

Course commences in January 2022.

We’ll meet LIVE over Zoom on 2 Fridays in January at 10:00am PT.

Registration opens December 2021.


The Unbound Experience

Imagine fully embracing your unbounded sensuality, creativity and magic.

How The Unbound Experience Can Help You …

  • Go from constantly feeling exhausted and burned out (even when you’re not overworking) to being inspired + empowered!
  • Take your passion and excitement to produce a work of art, or to offer a class you’ve always wanted to teach, and actually DO IT!
  • Learn how to set goals and reach the finish line without running out of steam.
  • Understand the importance of celebrating yourself as an amazing creator and a success before you move on to the next “big” thing.
  • Regain your focus after a traumatic loss; a death, illness, accident, breakup, job change or drop in financial resources.
  • Stop feeling trapped in your present situation and embrace your desire to change one or more parts of your life!

If this sounds like something you need, then you are probably suffering from one or both of the following:

  1. Disconnection from your sensual body;
  2. Disconnection from your powerful, sexual life-force energy.

The solution is simple: it’s time to focus on SENSUAL PLEASURE, consistently and often. That’s where The Unbound Experience comes in.

Get back the connection to your body, your life force energy and your passion to CREATE!

What is The Unbound Experience?

The Unbound Experience is an online on-demand course that uses proven tools to help you incorporate pleasure into your life and business.

These tools are based on solid, neuroscience research and my 20 years of work with archetypes, depth psychology and mythology.

The course will introduce you to a three-step system that I’ve been teaching for 12 years in my courses specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

My system incorporates three modalities of practices:

1. Breathwork + Meditation
2. Sensual Pleasure
3. Imaginative Play (IP)

What you’ll get in the Unbound Experience:

  • 12 Fresh, Inspiring Unbound Lessons in PDF Format. Each will help you master the art of PLEASURE.
  • Audio Versions of the Lessons When You Just Want to Sit Back and Listen to the Material
  • Pleasure Practices to Help You Fully Inhabit Your Sensuality and Sexuality
  • Sacred Magic Visualization Journey in Audio Format

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