Desire: The Royal Road to Attainment


What do you desire so much that you would cross the widest, harshest desert to reach?

This is your one goal. It may be so complicated and huge that you have to break it down into much smaller crossings.

Affirmative goal setting, may actually be counterproductive (see this TedTalk by Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself). Your brain believes that you already have this thing you desire, so your body is shut down. Motivation and desire, gone.

Feeling a longing in your body, perhaps even to the point of suffering, keeps you embodied and erotically embraced with your desire. (Remember our friend Eros from the last chapter, Embodiment?)

If you are not deeply in love with your ultimate goal, you are deceiving yourself. Because then it’s the ego at the helm telling you what you are supposed to want.

A desire is resisted, pushed away, and denied until the longing is so severe that you’ll cross 1,000 oceans to be reunited with it.

Goals are for sissies.

If your list of goals in a year exceeds the number three, you are playing hooky with life. Cheap and easy “hooker” goals will never satisfy. You’ll be chasing them and wearing yourself out.

What can’t you live without? Your desire may not even closely resemble a “business” or “revenue” goal. This doesn’t matter one bit, especially when you open up to and connect with your guides.

Spend time communing with your guides each morning and anytime you have the urge. If you need to know where the treasure of your desire lies, they will give you an exact map.

But you have to trust the invisible. You have to follow your guides into unknown territory. You will be lead to the right resources, in the form that works best for you.

I can undeniably promise that if you submit your ego-based desires and listen deeply to your body’s desires you will arrive. Fullfilled. Ready to embrace your desire. Manifest. Love.

I’ll ask you one more time …

What do you desire so much that you would cross the widest, harshest desert to reach?

Think on this question and write down the answer.
Ask your guides to come forward and send you signs of validation that you are picking up the right frequency. Body signals may show up: chills, shivers of excitement, anxiety, uneasiness in your stomach. Heart pounding. A spiralling feeling that you are descending into your own soul’s depths. An invitation to a mystery.

Friends and colleagues often ask me how I get so much done; I have a 4-year old daughter, I drum and dance a bit nearly every day, I write books and blog posts, engage on social media, teach workshops and continually educate myself in my field.

The short and true answer: most of what I do is channeled or as I like to say “downloaded” from a higher power. I spend very little time struggling over how to do things because my guides give me very precise directions.

There. That’s my big strategy. There are obviously the small steps taken every day, and yes, you have to have a plan of action. But, first ask your guides what actions to take and in what order.

Detach from your egoic mind. Surrender to your desire. It is sacred and will lead you precisely where you need to go.