Energetic Dissonance Around Pricing



Do not cheap out on yourself!

Yesterday I had an eye-opening experience with a client.

We were going over a sales page that she created for her coaching packages and we had gone through nearly the entire session when at the end she quietly asked me:

“What do you think of the prices?”

We went through everything else. The copy. The layout. The testimonials. The “buy now” buttons.

We seemed to have skipped over the pricing.

AND, in my own notes drawn up the day before our session I had written explicit advice to give her about pricing.

“I think your prices are a bit on the low side.” I replied.

She stated that when she surveyed the few free clients she coached for the purpose of getting testimonials (a great idea by the way when you’re first starting out), they all gave her a certain range of “what they could afford.”

I gave her this advice and now I want to give it to you:

Base your price on what you know to be the value of your service, NOT what you THINK people can afford. Because if you build your pricing around what you think people can afford, you will feel that tinge of resentment at the end of the day. You’ll feel like you sold yourself out.

There are always payment plans. Pay-what-you-can days. Discounts given to repeat customers.

You can be generous. You can give freely.

And you can be prosperous.

May you have a blessed and blissed Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice if you’re one of my friends in the Southern Hemisphere) + Yule.

With BIG splashy love,


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