Energy Reading: 1-31-18, Full Blue Blood Super Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo!


You can watch the full video on YouTube, below. I suggest you watch up to where I do the individual card readings … this will give you the most info about the expansive energies opening up through this eclipse portal.

The Cliff Notes:

1. Many people were feeling edgy, anxious and sad up to the eclipse…the effects can be felt 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after.

2. The ruler of the energy of the Eclipse is Archaeia Faith. She is the twin to Archangel Michael and when she appears we know he is close by. She is a Blue Ray being as well. She is one of the keepers of the Blue Flame.

3. Be playful, cultivate Joy and have FAITH and TRUST in yourself and humanity … despite outer appearances and circumstances.

4. Stay calm and BREATHE! The breath will help you stay in tune with your higher spiritual guidance. Do your breathwork. Breathe deeply and stay conscious of your breathing patterns at all times. When you hold your breath, it could be due to fears arising.

5. Stay away from negative media. Watch only peaceful and calm topics, or cut out TV, News, Social Media all together!

6. Meditation brings answers. Go within and listen to your higher self … don’t try to figure things out with the monkey mind? Using the intellect will not be helpful to you right now. Listen to your intuition and pay attention to your dreams. Eclipses often bring in crazy-ass dreams!

7. In the next 6-8 weeks we will learn to be masters of our emotions as we navigate very rapid change! We are also being guided to trust in the universe and move forward courageously. As we connect with our emotions, we will feel our way to the next steps to bring us closer to our desires.

Have an amazing beginning of eclipse season and I’ll be back with another energy reading on February 15, for the new moon, partial solar eclipse in Aquarius!

I used the following tarot and oracle decks: Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray, Angel Answers by Doreen Virtue and the Golden Universal Tarot.

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