Falling in love . . . fantasy or reality?


Falling in love is just a myth.
What we have is so much greater.
I, your Mer creature pulling you down into the deepest depths.
You, my Angel soaring me above the tips of the highest mountain peaks.
Both of us Sovereigns of our domains.
Never giving up ourselves
And enmeshing into that story of old.
For Water is always water and Air is always air.
My heart is sending you secret messages
Over the vast distances between us.
I love how you receive them and dive down from the Heavens
to meet me at the water line.
A holy union so graceful that all beings want to be jealous
Yet are wholly inspired.
To love and keep loving.

I wrote that poem after seeing the image above – the mermaid and her angel lover meeting at the waterline for a kiss. A reunion of two souls. Divine love between two very different elementals.

The entire poem was written in one sitting, in about 5 or 10 minutes, max. It flowed out of me as if it had been sitting in my body forever. The image was all I needed to unlock this memory of falling in love; at the time, I suspected this eternal & archetypal image activated a future embodiment.

I’ve recently fallen in love with my own angel. The alchemy is palpable. The sex is divine. The “fantasy” image has become real.

Still, the reality is that love is meant to break us open–as passionately stated by Nicholas Cage’s character Johnny Cammareri to Cher’s character Loretta Castorini in the film Moonstruck: “We are here to ruin ourselves and break our hearts.”

With the tragedy that incited riots in major cities around the US, there has been a collective heartbreak. Even though I’m experiencing deep pleasure and joy personally, it’s not easy to fully be in THAT when many suffer.

Yet, that is the calling. Not to try and be perfect, or to mask any emotion, positive or negative. The world soul is calling for true emotional honesty.

Today we will experience a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius – it’s effing major and will be felt on many levels, including deep emotional intensity of all kinds. This is a game changing, life altering and paradigm shifting moment … and this moon, brilliant and strong, will turn us inside out and upside down.

Like falling in love and breaking open.
Surrender to it.
Belong to this moon, this love, whatever’s in your heart to feel, mourn and celebrate.

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Mythically yours,


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