Feel like you’re weird? Me too!


“It’s okay to be weird. Maybe your weird is my normal. Who’s to say? I think it’s an attitude.” -Lady Gaga

I can probably come up with lots of stories about how others have silenced me. Everyone has them.

I’ll talk about writing my memoir (not yet published), right here right now. I feel like I’ve been silencing myself for years. And yes, like Lady Gaga, I’m weird. I think every person has a weird spot. Mine is my connection to the spirit world.

I see dead people and I’ve even kissed a dead guy (not a zombie, a spirit). When I gather with other powerful women and men, spirits appear in the room within minutes.

Will telling people that I see and talk to spirits help me get my story out in the world?

Will telling people that I channel a group of feminine mer spirits who call themselves “Morgen” bring me more clients for my Muse marketing consulting?

Will telling my story completely freak out my family and friends?

The answer to all of these questions is “Yes.”

As fearful as I have been to write these words for most of my life, the time has come to let them loose on the world.

And, to this end, now is the moment that I’m ready to speak up and tell my truth. Silence can be golden as you’re building the energy, and the chutzpah, to tell your story. Never release anything until you feel it’s time.

My time is now. I still feel slightly out of step with the concrete world around me. The world that thinks I’m “woo-woo” and crazy and irrational. Just wait my friends. The rest of the world will catch up to us creative, spiritual “cooks” (sp? cuk?) shortly and we’ll be the ones providing the bridge to help the rationals get used to the new world – where irrational and rational meet. The ancient wisdom many of us have been channeling to relieve the masses of many modern day existential conundrums, like stress and loneliness, will make big headlines and bring in mucho dinero.

I have to admit I’m a champion of the irrational. We are swimming in an ocean of invisible energy. Most of us can’t see it, including me. The Shamans can and when you’re high on mushrooms you can too. At least that’s been my experience. I had a conversation with a poster of Jimi Hendrix that came to life the last time I took them. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Telling our stories heals. Us. Them. The worlds seen and unseen.

If our eyes don’t see the invisible world that we are swimming in, how do we sense it? We feel it. It’s a strong physical sensation that isn’t always pleasant. We may call it butterflies in our stomach, the fright/flight response, a sense of awe and wonder. Someone or something is there and we can feel it.

If you allow your outer gaze to soften and your inner gaze to intensify you will also begin to see it.

I want to provide as many opportunities as I can to allow others to tell their stories because I know myth-making is the most powerful medicine there is.

I have a retreat coming up this Saturday, June 9th in Santa Barbara at Center of the Heart from 10:30am-3:30pm. It’s called Muse Your Way to Business Bliss (check out that page if you’re interested and want to learn more).

If you can’t make it, no worries because I’m brewing up big plans for more workshops, talks and retreats in 2013!

If you’re feeling a little misunderstood, scared, frustrated, and well, way ahead of your time, please take heart. You are felt. You are heard. Keep radiating all of that fine energy of yours. Keep dancing and drumming. Keep telling your story. Someone will find it and be healed.

The rest of the world is about to catch up to you and love you up like nobody’s business.

All my love,