Not feeling so confident these days? That may be a good thing.


This summer has held a special magic for me and saying goodbye to my favorite season makes me feel a little melancholy.

Hello Autumn.

The fall season is usually a bustling time for my business and this year I plan to tone it down quite a bit.

I used to feel so jazzed about the back to school rush and launching at least one free challenge and 2 or more ecourses.

As I began to plan my September and Q4 projects last month, I didn’t feel the “I know my people are going to love this program/service/course.” I didn’t feel the same confidence I’ve grown accustomed to in the past 4 years.

I was worried. “Am I losing my edge? Becoming lazy or complacent?”

I’m learning to dive deeper into my edges and pushing past my comfort zones thanks to a recent ecourse with my Love + Magic coach Cindie Chavez.

I’m an Athena woman. I’m extremely comfortable with an overstuffed daily schedule. I get a rush from checking off a project as “Done.”

I’m not so comfortable with being and feeling. And waiting.

Since the beginning of August my guides have continually whispered in my ear, “Wait. More information will come to light soon.” The same message shows up over and over. Even in a recent reading I did for my Enchanted Entrepreneur Circle subscribers.

My confidence has clearly been connected to my DO-ing-ness and not my BE-ing-ness.

If you’re feeling less than confident about launching something or beginning something ask yourself a few questions first:

1. Am I pushing and willing rather than allowing the birth of this project?
2. Am I just launching because it’s been on my schedule, but the timing doesn’t feel just right?
3. Is this all happening too quickly and my Soul needs to catch up? (Maybe I’ve been doing too much lately and need a break.)

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions step back. Can you delay until you feel that ripe, juicy, big YES in your heart and throughout your body?

If not, what do you need to feel at peace, that all is well?

Sometimes we need to talk it out with a trusted friend or advisor before making the final leap into a launch.

Create a new schedule that works for you and that allows your Soul the room to stretch and breathe and rest if that’s what you need right now.

10417201_10203230167167303_50464515_nI’m carving out the time to finish up the second and hopefully final round of major rewrites on my book, Return to Enchantment: Branding with Mythological Archetypes, due to launch in December.

I can confidently say that writing my book is the numero uno priority. It feels soooo luscious to say that.

Love + mermaid swishes,


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