Fetching Fairytale: Pascale Kavanagh



Welcome to Summer! I feel as excited as Olaf to usher in my favorite season with a new series that will melt your heart.


The first edition of Fetching Fairytales features Pascale Kavanagh. I met her a couple of years ago through my friend Alex. She is enchanting, beguiling and soooo SEXY!

And she loves MERMAIDS too! A true kindred soul…check out her steamy novel, Fish Tails & Lady Legs.

Once upon a time …

there was an undercover goddess and irreverent guide named Pascale.

pascalepolaroidShe danced from coast to coast and spent her days helping successful grown-ups who had lost their way back on track toward satisfaction. When not rocking the stage and the page, Pascale could be found feeding her soul by loving her little mermaid to excess, globe-trotting to the next great adventure, and sporting bright red lips as a tango diva.

One day she realized that most people around her had gotten confused about the source of their unhappiness. So many beautiful beings were stuck in sadness, suffering and distress.

Instead of allowing this perilous situation to defeat her, she came up with a way to course-correct around the roadblocks of life, so that our internal navigation systems kept us headed towards our soul’s desires.

Her Happily Ever After moment came after decades of walking that path herself, and then guiding hundreds of clients and students on the road to contentment. They’ve called her a “spiritual guru”, “irreverent guide”, and her favorite: “equal parts soul, smarts and sass.”



Pascale has been a member of my enchanted entrepreneurs mastermind for almost a year and here’s what she loves most about it : “Putting pleasure as a primary ingredient in what I offer to the world makes everything better… for me and all those I serve. My sexy, soulful sister Kris has nailed this one (pun intended).” Keep your eyes peeled for a magical offer that will take your breath away … I’m opening the doors again for my Mastermind group!


Here’s how you can stay in touch with Pascale :

Website : www.feedyoursoul.com

facebook : /feedyoursoulinc and /Pascale.kavanagh

twitter : @blissedoutyogi

linkedin : www.linkedin.com/pub/pascale-kavanagh/0/a31/a61/

google+ : https://plus.google.com/+PascaleKavanagh/posts


Special offer for you, with love :

Life isn’t always about the perfect path or getting it right. It’s about the moment-to-moment choices we make, and how they add up over time.

In one month, you can travel a significant distance away from what is keeping you stuck. Or grumpy. Or both. And towards a way of being that feels just right.

It’s time for COURSE-CORRECTING: 30 Days to a Better Destination.

Because Pascale deeply values being a member of our community, she is offering this experience at no cost. All the details on the course, and how to get her super secret promo code, can be found right here.


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