Fetching Fairytale: Stephanie Lin



Once upon a time there was a kind & mystical woman named Stephanie.

She lived in the intense but magical land of Israel and spent her days teaching and guiding awakening women to remember the truth of who they are and create a life of happiness, purpose, and play. She spent her spare hours relaxing, exploring the world, and following where her heart’s delight led her…sometimes to the ocean, sometimes to a shamanic ceremony, sometimes to her local ice cream parlor.

One day she realized she was energetically allergic to all the people online trying to sell her the magical formula for what to create and how to “get” more clients. Every time she was led away from her heart by a fear-based ad or product about how to succeed as an entrepreneur, she lost energy and felt a harsh clenching in her throat.

Instead of allowing these flowery warnings about what she was doing wrong in her business delude her, she remembered one of the biggest lessons she learned during her own spiritual awakening: The only path you need to follow is the one that makes you happy. Do and create things that light up your heart and soul, and the rest will follow.

As she drowned out the noise of the “shoulds” she was led to people, resources, clients, and brilliant ideas and creative inspiration that moved her forward with ease. One of those magically supportive people and resources was Kris Oster and the Enchanted Entrepreneurs Circle.

Her Happily Ever After moment came when she realized that money and the conventional notion of “success” was not what drove her life. It was happiness and love. As she dedicated herself to following her bliss (which required much practice and un-learning of limiting beliefs) she started creating things that were truly useful and inspiring to her tribe. She evolved into a powerful coach and guide who teaches by example and personal experience. She experienced the pride and joy that came when clients told her what a significant role she played in their metamorphosis, and how they now realize they have the power to make themselves happy.



Stephanie has been a member of my enchanted entrepreneurs mastermind for a few months now and here’s what she loves most about it : “Being a part of this group has given me so much inspiration. I love seeing that there are other women out there working hard every day to make their dreams come true….women with real lives, real problems, and real successes.”


Here’s how you can stay in touch with Stephanie :






Special offer for you, with love :

Stephanie has just put the finishing touches on her new e-guide “Spirit Seekers Guide to YouTube“. In it she curates over 30 of her favorite YouTube videos on topics ranging from angels to emotions to our inner child. Grab your free copy here. Then sit back, open your heart, and expand. (Don’t forget the popcorn.)


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