Flowing with the Shapeshifter Archetype for the New Year.


Happy New Year my friends!

Exciting. I can feel the change of energy already …

I love waking up on 1/1 knowing that I have an open, clean slate for the year ahead.

So for the first week of January, I’ll be sharing what I know of the Shapeshifter archetype.

Oracle of the Shapeshifters, cards by Lucy Cavendish.

Oracle of the Shapeshifters, cards by Lucy Cavendish.

What is the Shapeshifter and how does it function?

The Shapeshifter acts as a catalyst for change. It’s a symbol of the psychological need for transformation.

Shapeshifter is the most dynamic and unstable of all the archetypes. It’s nearly impossible to pin one down. Similar to Trickster, Shapeshifter seeks to conceal or hide something.

The shapeshifter, particularly in stories and myths, expresses the energy of the animus, which is the male element in female consciousness. The anima is the female element in the male consciousness. Many shapeshifters appear as the hero’s lover. Every now and then the hero is the shapeshifter in the story.

This archetype is emerging + increasing in popularity for our time because we are all going through such major transformations … the kind that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you almost don’t recognize that person looking back at you.

The landscape is shifting so quickly and dramatically that the dynamic, intuitive and flexible Shapeshifter is best equipped to help us release resistance to becoming that Divine blueprint that we brought to Earth.

I have a short audio lecture where I discuss the Shapeshifter and offer journal prompts to help you see how you are soul-morphing into this new year.

Have a listen!


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