Go ahead, touch my VENUS.


“All acts of love + pleasure are my rituals.” – Doreen Valiente, from the Charge of the Star Goddess


May-Beltane and August-Lammas are the two seasons when I feel most alive, passionate, juicy, fertile, productive, creative and ABUNDANT.

I love creating my own rituals, especially when they feature love and pleasure.

Since it’s the beginning of the month and we are close to a new super moon in Taurus, the planet ruled by Venus, I’d love to share a recipe for creating a ritual to embody abundant love + pleasure in your life.

Start by choosing one of your senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing or touch – or any number of them that feels easy to stimulate in a short timeframe. Make this simple to do. No over complicating.

What does the sense symbolize about your pleasure?
Touch and taste could be nurturing or stimulating your self-love; sight could be how you see pleasure and love in the world, all around you; hearing = the music or sounds to answer your questions about bringing in love and pleasure; smell = invoking Aphrodite or Lakshmi to take residence in your heart.

Second, light a candle to symbolize your inner fire. Send out the feelings of comfort, love and pleasure your senses are experiencing through your body, into your space and out beyond any boundaries of space or time.

Spend time in your sense/s, luxuriating in your own radiance. Do this ritual often.


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