Goddess Illuminated: A Personalized, 6 Month Enchanted Pilgrimage To Connect With The Source of Your Divine Feminine Power.

Welcome Magical Woman!

Do you know that underneath all the challenges and stress of life–the heartbreak, the unappreciative boss, the health crisis, the debt and the fears–you are worthy of everything you desire?

I’m here to remind you of the fact that you are a holy, powerful expression of the Feminine Divine here to spread your light on Earth! And, I’m ecstatic you’re here now reading about Goddess Illuminated, ready to claim your sacred divinity and abundance!

Get ready for a magical & mystical encounter with the Goddess who is ready to step forward to embrace & support you.

If you’ve found me and my sacred work, I know there is a Goddess who wishes to be embodied through you and your sacred work. 

Struggling in your life and business is totally unnecessary. If you want to break through the cycle of overwork, stress, anxiety and exhaustion, you need to dive deep beneath the surface of the outer world illusions of fear, judgment, limitation and lack consciousness. 

Here, in the stillness of your Goddess there is a softening. Clarity arises as your emotional waters calm. Presence & self-awareness are birthed anew, unlocking your prosperity, your sensuality (aka, your womb power) and your creativity.

A Goddess that is divinely powerful and limitlessly expansive is waiting to express herself through you, lifting your life to its highest and most magical potential.

It’s time to liberate yourself, uplift your life and open the doors to celestial abundance and deeper connection to your purpose and sacred work.


And, it all starts with GODDESS ILLUMINATED where I help you forge a direct connection to the source of your feminine power and divinity.

  • “Kris provided her guidance during a time I needed support and connection to a world beyond work and the mundane self help book, which is not personalized or what I would call 'juicy'. I was surprised that being gently guided through the coaching sessions, with beautiful readings, stories, tarot and the Spotify playlists along with achievable suggestions, made the difference between thriving or just surviving. Working with Kris has reminded me the power integrated femininity can bring to home and work. She has diligently and kindly kept me on track and organized while recognizing the demands I have with a stressful career and full home life. Her work is not just for the now, it's a way of life that can be incorporated into 'how' to live one's life and 'how' to view the ever changing landscapes in our lives.” - Katherine, Marin County, CA
  • “It’s been barely half a week in your world and today I just had to come by and say thank you. I planned a long, possibly 10 page email, but I’m not going to do that to you….yet. I don’t say this lightly. After struggling online for 7+ years, I really do believe, with all my heart, that your program, your mentoring, your energy and the nurturing space you’ve created is what I’ve needed to create the success that has been eluding me for so long. I know this is just the beginning. I’m so grateful Kris.” – Shirley Ann Aphrodite, Fine Artist, Designer, Passionate Creator