Healing Stories: The Meeting of the Unicorn and the Mermaid


If you’re anything like me, you looove stories of depth. Stories that remind you of who you are, AND, who you are becoming.

Alexandra Franzen. In 2012 I had two healing branding experiences that were way beyond just figuring out how to market to “my niche.” In fact, they made me feel uncomfortable, excited, seen, nurtured and powerful all at the same time. The first I wrote about last month in my post, “Branding is Healing: How I was Transformed into a Mermaid.” The second was an important meeting with a very rare, magical and beautiful creature, Alexandra Franzen.

Like the unicorn, her mythical ally and soulmate, Alexandra possesses healing and truth-revealing talents. She is no mere copywriter, scribe or marketing genius. She is a purveyor of “once or twice in a lifetime” soul transforming experiences.

During my Skype time with Alexandra, I learned why positioning yourself like Placido Domingo (think one night special engagements, not multitudes of small appearances here and there) can help you become a much sought-after entrepreneur with a year-long waiting list.

Intrigued? Then watch the video below.

The interview was plagued by a number of technical hiccups in the first 10 minutes, so I had to cut out a large portion of the intro. Here’s what you missed:

Besides her incredible depth, Alexandra is a lightning-fast writer, unmatched by any other copywriters I’ve ever worked with.

alexandra-franzen-crystal A few thangs you may not know about Alexandra:

– She was born in Los Angeles, but chose to move to Minneapolis. (Because, hey the Midwest is super cool. I should know, I’m from Chicago.)
– She earned her helicopter pilot’s license.
– Her first ‘real job’ was a stint at Minnesota Public Radio, American Public Media, the largest public radio network in the nation.
– She has been practicing yoga since she was 15 years old.

I promise to present a longer, more in-depth article about Alexandra in February for Rebelle Society in my blog series, Entrepreneurs & Dreamers. (fyi … the first edition came out last month with my article on Danielle LaPorte and second article about Marie Forleo is due out next week)

Until then, I leave you with an amazing dialogue about how marketing and branding heals you, your audience and the planet. There are gems of entrepreneurial advice in here that will make you feel magical, beautiful and rare. Just like the mermaid, unicorn, faery, sprite or [insert favorite mythological creature here] that you are.

Thank you Alexandra. You are one of a kind. I love you dearly and appreciate all that you do.