Here’s what you get when you open a space for Enchantment.


I’m over the moon. Ecstatic. Elated.


I opened up my Enchant Challenge on September 16th and my whole world has been blown open.

There are 92 total women enrolled in the challenge and 57 of them participating in the community on Facebook.

There are Pinterest boards of our personal myths, shadow sides and super powers. (Take a look by clicking on one of those links and you’ll see what I mean.)

I never knew I could feel this fulfilled in my work.

On this eve before the full moon I stood outside under La Luna, soaking in her beguiling luminescence, with complete awe and gratitude.

I feel right with the world.

I can honestly say that in this moment … I am happy.

One of my Enchantresses, Maria Bovin De Labbé, has given her blessing to share her post and drawings about her superpower character, Zoë.


1278998_10151915769376341_953319382_oPassionate, Dancing Drummer daytime & ”nightdreaming”, wondering Artist nighttime. The Full Moon makes her electric. Water calms her.

Zoë yearns to be a World Famous Drummer and Inspirer. She yearns to spread Joy. More than sex Zoë loves the sparkling flames of Passion from a flirt, an adoring kiss, an adoring look…

She wants to bring in more color and warmt in her life. Grey is, for her, the color of cold stagnation and stagnation like death. Zoë needs movement, warmth, new places, new connections, new challenges. She needs a new Band! A working, inspring, touring, supportive band. A band where she can keep on developing her skills, where she grow to her full potential and just BE the Angel-Amazon Drummer she is!

Never actually making any real amount of made money she is ready to dive into wealth, to know that she has enough and more than she can spend. She is ready to, everyday, be able to indulge in exactly the kind of fresh, colorful food that she Love, good wines, to travel to cities around the world (yes, she is definitely a citygirl), to visit family, support her kids in their choices. To have a summerhouse outside.


Zoë has spent far to much time trying to please others, being kind. Far to kind. Now she´s stepping up for Herself. Setting limits for others, without explanations, without taking any shit.

She wants to say YES to everything: drumming, sketching, reflecting, flirting, dancing that awakens the limitless inner fire that she was born with, A fire that freightened people: friends, teachers, boyfriends, other girls throughout her Life. This Fire is Zoë’s Superpower that will take her high, make her famous, financially free and respected. With this burning she will spread limitless joy, creativity and willpower to others so that they, too, dare to search for and walk their own, unique path.

May you also walk with courage on your “own, unique path.”

Until next time, stay enchanted.




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