Higher Ground Member Spotlight: Maria Bovin de Labbé


As an artist, drummer (frame drums and set), coach and entrepreneur, Maria has a down-to-earth approach to using rhythm for mindfulness. She works with students in traditional college music programs and independent entrepreneurs (such as myself) all over the world helping them spiral back into their bodies with play and ease.

In addition, Maria has recently begun a new way of working with experienced drummers and musicians, teaching them her practice of mindful drumming. This approach not only emphasizes technical skills, but takes into consideration the emotional, mental and spiritual part of playing drums, or another instrument.

Maria performed her first solo show in Norway—entitled Solitude—this year. Maria composed all of the pieces and created the graphic design for marketing on social media and on posters. She conceived the entire project from start to finish. She created her wardrobe, the set design, the lighting, and the instrumentation of each piece of music.

Maria packed the small theatre and presented her life’s work in congruence with her soul truth.


“I’m a restless soul which might be the reason of my somewhat sprawling path. I always wish to learn more. My ultimate goal when I play is the total feeling of freedom and peace. It’s in that condition I feel safe, untouchable. It’s a sensuous peace that arrives when suddenly everything flows.”


Maria’s brand of magic is undeniable: zen meets warm, playful and fiercely independent. She is a freedom seeker and inspired by her favorite childhood character Pippi Longstocking.

She makes the quest for mindfulness feel like an adventure to be lived instead of a mind-challenge to be conquered.


“When I play, I can say all that burns inside. It’s simple without words. The stage is the arena where I feel that it is okay to be myself and that is the only thing I ever wished for.”


I have studied frame drum with Maria for the past year and it has been a wonderful way to improve my drumming skills and get more grounded in my life and business! I started played drums at 17, following in the footsteps of my father, and was performing in groups in Hollyweird California by the time I was 19 years old. I’ve studied with dozens of teachers and Maria is one of the best I’ve ever had!

Maria has worked with me as her business and mermaid coach in both group and individual coaching settings since the old days of the Enchant challenge and Bewitch online course (2014)!

She has been a Higher Ground member since December 2017 and plans to continue through 2019!

I’m thrilled and honored to have her presence with the group again.

A gift from Maria:

Please receive this meditative gift, the audio version of my book 7 Mindful Drumming Meditations by visiting bit.ly/2mindful.

Password: mindfuldrummers

There are seven meditations you can do with any drum or by using your own body as a drum by, for example, tapping on your chest or your thigh.

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