Higher Ground Member Spotlight: Shirley Ann Aphrodite


I’m having a flushed moment of client adoration. 

Have you ever felt that?

When someone comes into your life as a client and they feel like a freaking soulmate?

In case this hasn’t happened for you yet, I want to let you know that it is totally possible. And, if you have experienced what I’m talking about, you will get all tingly when you read this life-altering client thank you letter.

Yes, it really did alter my life.

One day, last fall, I received an email from a new student in my Higher Ground business school for women entrepreneurs:

My Dear Kris,

It’s been barely half a week in your world and today I just had to come by and say thank you.

I planned a long, possibly 10 page email…but I’m not going to do that to you…yet.

For now, I just want you to know how grateful I am to have found you. If ever there was a perfect client match, I think it would be me!!! I feel like everything you’ve created, you created just for me!

I don’t say this lightly. After struggling online for years, I really do believe, with all my heart, that your program, your mentoring, your energy and the nurturing space you’ve created is what I’ve needed to create the success that has been eluding me for so long.

I promised myself I was going to keep this short and sweet…I’m trying very hard to do just that!

I do have a simple request though. I would like to write you an actual letter…something you can hold in your hands, keep, to really make you understand the impact you’ve had on me, and so I would be ever so grateful if you could give me an address that I could mail a letter to.

I know this is just the beginning.

I’m so grateful Kris.

Thank you.



You must understand that this letter came at a time when I had 9 women enrolled in my course. I was ready to give up on my business. I felt defeated and shut down. I was numb. I wanted to walk away and go work at Trader Joe’s (grocery store) where at least my health insurance would be covered.

You see, I had gone through 2.5 years of a hellish depression: divorce, death of my mother, and starting over again in a new city, which all felt overwhelming. I was being devoured by my life.

In January 2018, I started all over again.

Because my business was left languishing for over two years, there was not much left but a wasting away, lonely soul. I see my business, and everyone else’s, as an extension of soul weaving its way through the world.

Now, because of this glorious (real-life) Aphrodite in my life, I have a thriving business again, flowing and overflowing with money and sweet client-love! This year I have 23 women enrolled in Higher Ground, nearly 3 times as many as last year!

If she had not sent that love letter to me, I might have given up and buried that corpse of a once radiant and splendid business.

Never underestimate the power of gratitude. 

Her gratitude helped rekindle my passion for life and for my movement: I’m here to revolutionize the feminine face of business.

Thank you Beautiful Aphrodite for returning to my life as a REAL woman. 

Now, on to celebrate an incredible woman who deserves the spotlight!

My friend and client, Shirley Ann Aphrodite, is a woman who aches for everything romantic, beautiful, and feminine.

Her rapacious drive to paint, write and create art of the most ethereal kind makes her irresistibly magnetic. Just peek at her Instagram for a moment and you’ll see what I mean.

She grew up in Ghana and was expected to fit into a rigidly structured, traditional job.

However, she had other plans brewing in her imaginative brain. Rather than slavishly following a path that was chosen for her, she set out on a journey, feverishly led by her heart and passions.

She threw herself into a myriad of opportunities throughout her life: She ran her own dressmaking/couture business, worked in wedding planning and décor, event planning, interior design, floral design and portrait photography.

Despite kicking ass in many different fields, one thing has always been the constant love of her life – ART. Aphrodite creates larger than life paintings that inspire you to embrace your inner Goddess with a fierce tenderness.

Her art unravels her inner Beloved and Queen, revealing her rapture for all things enchanting, shimmering, gilded and tasteful.

She embodies the Golden One, aka Aphrodite, whose talent for seduction is unmatched by any other god or goddess. When it comes to the art of love, this woman lives and breathes elegance and glamour. Pure magic!

Shirley Ann Aphrodite does not just create art for herself, rather she sees all of her art – her creations – as mirrors for others to witness and revel in their own radiance.

Mirrors that reflect back to us our worthiness and beauty. 

She weaves her bewitching spell, inspiring me and so many other women to unbind their inner Sovereign and Beloved. She shows us that we do not have to shrink down into something that makes others “comfortable.”

Through Shirley Ann Aphrodite’s work you can become that grand lover who wants to seduce the world without shame and fear. 

Who cares if I am misunderstood? All that matters to me is that my pleasure is rooted into the hearts of many, so they can feel the fire of their own soul again!

This is the kind of courage that she has awakened in me, and I know she will capture your heart as well!

You can connect with this magnificent creature any time over Instagram:
And, https://www.instagram.com/lartistefleuriste/

Love + pleasure unending,

If you want to learn how to do business like a PLEASURE goddess, visit my course page for Higher Ground: Practical Magic to Grow Your Business in 2020.

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