Higher Ground Member Spotlight: Suzanne O’Gara


I am so grateful that Suzanne O’Gara sauntered into my life and Higher Ground this year.

As the creatrix and owner of Alchemy of Avalon Tea (www.alchemyofavalontea.com), Suzanne has had a tremendous year – she redesigned and upgraded her website, for one thing, and saw a 400% sales increase!

She has too many talents and passions to mention them all here, like pretty much all of my women do: tea blender, herbalist, dancer, choreographer, singer and Mama to little Selene and not-so-little Sebastian.

In October of this year she accepted the position of Herbcraft Teacher/”Potions Mistress” at Demelza Fox’s Morgan LeFay Mystery School! (Dream job, right?!)

As head honcho herbalist in the Mystery School, she teaches us about the medicinal AND magical properties of all our favorite plants and flowers: lavender, rosemary, rose, jasmine, mugwort, and so on. Since she’s a true Priestess of Avalon, she has created an herbal blend crafted to evoke the feeling of walking through the groves of the Holy Isle at the beginning of the harvest season: Baked Apple Rooibos, Dried Apple Pieces, English Lavender, Rose Petals, and Hawthorne Berries will take you through the mists! I’ve tried this one (Avalon Tea), along with Love Spell and Dolci Baci. Sumptuous, luxurious delights made for a (mermaid) Queen.

She also blended a custom tea and essential oil spray (you can buy this now from her site HERE) to help me with my change of life and sleep issues called Grounded Goddess (with rose petals, adaptogens and other medicinal herbs specifically for women).

Before this, while pursuing a career in opera and musical theater (AND while taking bellydance from a hobby to the professional level, too), Suzanne had the opportunity to work in, and learn a great deal from, two well-known teahouses in New York City: Alice’s Teacup, and Sympathy for the Kettle.

It was at Alice’s that she initially learned a great deal about tea and herbs, and at SFTK that she deepened that knowledge and was greatly inspired by owner Jodi Holiday’s philosophy, “Save the World With Tea.”

Suzanne also currently serves as the Tea Designer and Herbalist for Bene Plates Cafe, located at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Constantly dreaming about running off to the mystical sites of Glastonbury, Avebury, Ireland (and more), Suzanne is an active member of the Sisterhood of Avalon and currently practices her “tea-and-potions-and-bellydance” brand of witchcraft both alone and with her family.

Stay tuned for her upcoming blog, “The Tea Witch: Inspiring Incantation and Spellbinding Snark!”

You’ve gotta follow this woman. She is the epitome of magic!

(Plus, she’s a super fun and brilliant Gemini! Lots of giggles and laughs along with the intelligent esoteric banter.)

Suzanne is a magical, irreverent being. She graces our presence in the Higher Ground Hogwarts classroom (aka our private Facebook group) each week with her caring, witty and insightful feedback and support.

She is offering you an 18% discount that she originally created just for Higher Ground members, but she wishes to extend to my entire list.

How sweet is that?!

To check out all of her flavors of enchanted tea and claim your discount, visit her website and put in the discount code HIGHERGROUND2018. (Use it before it expires at the end of the year.)

You can also find Suzanne + Alchemy of Avalon Tea on social media:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/alchemyofavalon/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AlchemyOfAvalon/

If you want to learn how to do business like a PLEASURE goddess, visit my course page for Higher Ground: Practical Magic to Grow Your Business in 2020.

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