How to Promote Your Work When You’re in a Hermit Phase.


hermit So many of you have written me to say you’re going through some BIG stuff right now. That transformational material that smells like sewage, but that makes you sweet-smelling like roses down the line.

That’s the stuff I’m talking about.

I’m knee deep in it too.

I’ve been doing a lot more tarot readings for my spiritually-minded friends and The Hermit card has come up too often for me to ignore. I think the archetype of the Hermit is coming into play right now in the collective psyche.

The Hermit card is number 9 of the major archana in the traditional tarot system.

The numerology of 9 represents the essence of the cosmic teacher, the philosopher, the reclusive yogi and the humanitarian. There are also 9 months of gestation in the womb which represents the end of the birth cycle. You are awaiting your re-entry in a luminous womb of night.

The Hermit card illuminates the concepts of solitude, silence, meditation, wisdom and leadership by example.

(9 also happens to be my lifepath number. You can figure out yours by adding all of the numbers in your birthdate, i.e. 1/11/1968 = 1+11+1+9+6+8 = 36 = 3+6 = 9)

When enmeshed in the energy of 9 our inclination is to go within. The journey is a spiralling inward, rather than moving out into the world. Keeping on top of our marketing and promotion schedules will feel like we’re climbing Mt. Everest. It’s unnatural and feels icky, generally speaking.

The Hermit energy is made for compassionate self-reflection. It also supports humanitarian efforts.

Use this time to work on projects that can help others reflect on their life path and/or soul purpose.

A few suggestions:

  1. Blog posts that teach through telling your own story of self-compassion in rough times … maybe the shit you’re going through now is the fertilizer for an amazing series in “how to deal with … [breakdowns, breakups, disease, depression, loss].”
  2. Create a free challenge or a piece of content that teaches others how to apply the themes of the Hermit in their business. Check out Business Wise, Soul Rich by Merry Wise. It’s a free challenge on Facebook!
  3. Connect with others as a mentor through your work. Offer a mini workshop or short talk with Q&A in the park, beach or living room. Be the one who goes out into the world in service to what’s shining through you.

Wishing you a radiant and contemplative week.




There is one comment on How to Promote Your Work When You’re in a Hermit Phase.

  • Aww thanks Kris for the honorable mention. I clicked on this as soon as I saw it because today has been one of those days. I got sent home from work today because I couldn’t stay late to jump through some hoops. I’ve been doing a lot of hoop jumping for the past year and a half. Frankly, it’s been rather fiery and I’m tired of having my eyebrows singed.

    I’ve been studying and working with the Prostitute and Wounded Child archetypes (and particularly shadows) these last couple of months. You probably know that The Prostitute is about about how much it takes for you to sell out – your values, your principles, your soul. Today, it feels like it all came to a head and now I really just want to pack up and move away. It feels like it’s time, yet there are pieces of my personal life that make it impossible to do at this point. So do I continue to sell out or do I take a stand for me, throw in the towel and leave it in the hands of fate? Or faith. (The Prostitute archetype is all about how much we trust The Divine to provide.)

    There’s a lot at stake and now I have to decide. How far am I willing to bend? Thanks so much for posting this – it’s so timely. And thank you for supporting and joining us in the challenge. Logically, I’ve questioned the timing, but in light of the present atmosphere, it seems perfect.

    Thank you! xoxox

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