Imbolc Circle Online – Focus on Esoteric Magic and Healing Techniques


An Inspiring Ritual and Personal Mythology Workshop
3 Saturdays, January 21-February 4, 2012

The sessions take place online, so you can enjoy from the comfort of home.

Through your own stories and group ritual, align with the Earth’s seasonal energies. Open your mind and heart to the inner voice of your guide/s and begin birthing your gestating ideas and goals into the growing light.

We will celebrate Brigid who symbolizes high-rising flames, wisdom, intelligence, poetic eloquence, and healing ability; we’ll do a special ritual meditation to incorporate Brigid’s healing and creative fire.

Plus —
Early Spring Festivals:
Imbolc, St. Brigit’s Day, Candelmas, Dia de Iemanja, Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year festivities begin on 1/23/12 and we enter the Year of the Dragon. The dragon is the traditional symbol of the Great Mother in most Indo-European mythologies! To me, early February is one of the most potent times of the year. We witness the first signs of Spring in nature; the first ewe’s milk comes in (Imbolc, celebrated on 2/1/12, means “in the belly” and refers to the pregnant ewes), the first thaw and the new tender green shoots emerge out of the dark earth to greet the bright sun. Candelmas, St. Brigid’s Day and Dia de Iemanja are all celebrated on 2/2/12.

Just as nature begins to stir at this time, we reawaken to our passions that may have lain dormant through the reflective winter season. Now’s the time to burst forth! I hope this workshop can assist you in releasing your deepest dreams and desires. Part of manifesting your desires involves discovering or rediscovering the passions and wishes of your heart. By working with our inner guides, we begin to unravel and reawaken the pulsating energy of the heart. Heart energy is connected to the heart chakra, to the fire element and to the astral plane.

The heart center is where the astral energy lives in our physical bodies and subtle bodies (auras). By allowing our heart to have free reign of expression, which also entails getting out of our heads, new forms that may have been lying dormant in the depths of our unconscious can emerge into consciousness. Vision journeying and ritual are two ways to enter and work with the astral plane consciously.

Right now, we only have space for 3 more people, but I’m willing to add a local, in-person circle in the Santa Barbara area if I get 5 extra folks. Let me know if that interests you.

Sending all of you FIREY Imbolc blessings and wishing you a WATERY/feminine New Year!